Thursday, July 19, 2012

An Afternoon Match!

Our friend Mary is back has offered up a wonderful matching donation challenge for us this afternoon!   For every dollar we donate, she'll match it until we hit the $1000 cap!

We've got until 8:00 PM Pacific Time to get there, so that should be plenty of time to make it happen!    And if we meet that match, that's going to push us WAY over the 70 squillion mark, and put us that much closer to our 75 squillion goal.

OH, we are getting so, so close!!!!!!   SO CLOSE!!!

To help us meet the match, please visit our fundraising page!

Thanks so much to Mary and all those fine folks who offered up these matching donation challenges. You've inspired so many to give.   And thanks to all who stepped up and helped us meet all the matches.   All this generosity makes my heart swell.  You all are the best.



  1. So generous of you, Mary!

  2. When can we get them to rename the Dog-a-thon?

  3. The Bean-a-thon & assorted other pets.... ; )

  4. Just have to brag a bit: MY POSTER ARRIVED TODAY!!! How exciting!! I am thrilled!! It looks fantastic!! Tomorrow I cut a mat for it and the next day it will head to the framer!



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