Thursday, July 19, 2012

Pick Three, Please!

I was trying to narrow our contest entries down to the top five or so, but I just couldn't decide.  I read them again, and again, and I just couldn't do it.

So, I decided to make all of the entries the "top"entries, because they're all so good.

And now here's you chance to pick your favorites.    Please review them all, and when your done, leave a comment listing your TOP THREE favorite limericks.  

Voting will end at Midnight Pacific Time tonight,   the votes will be tallied and tomorrow we'll announce the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners, and reveal who the authors are.    

ENJOY!   Thanks for playing along!   And thanks to all of our awesome poets who entered the contest.

 Entry # 1
There once was a cat named Charlene
Who kept herself wonderfully clean,
Fostered kittens galore
Who all did adore
This cat that was born to be Queen!

Entry # 2
An empty small basket in red
Was magic some people have said
Seeming not to have limits
It gets stuffed full of kittens
And the cute is too much for my head

Entry # 3
In a little red basket they sit
Warm and cozy they certainly get
Little kittens will stuff
Every ounce of their fluff
It’s a wonder that everyone fits

Entry # 4
A floofy young beauty named Bean
Loved each kitten she’d ever seen
She nurtured and taught
Them all that she ought
And she kept all those kits squeaky clean

Entry #5
A lady cat, her name? Geraldine!
Her wonders, they numbered umpteen.
Her tail, so stupendous,
Her floof, so tremendous!
Rivaled only by one: Charlene. 

Entry #6
The Suprenant sisters were all the rage,
their beauty enhanced by a stage.
They answered their phone
without so much as a groan when suddenly,
they went on a rampage!

Entry #7
There lives a pair of kittens Nigel and Mimsey 
who became British agents on a whimsy. 
They run down the halls 
and attack sparkle balls,
then take vacations by the sea 

Entry #8
Go to your Humane Society
For cats in a wide variety.
Too sweet to be true,
Adopt one or two
They give love unconditionally

Entry #9
There once was a kitten named Bibi
A tabby lass and exceptionally teeny 
O’er the couch did she rule 
And I’d pity the fool 
Who’d cross the girl just cuz she’s weeny 

Entry #10
There once was a kitty so floofy,
Her physique could look downright poofy!
Her name is Charlene, And of kittens she’s queen,
She loves all their antics so goofy!

Entry #11
There once was a kitty named Bean,
Who for wrangling kittens was keen. 
She would watch them at play, 
All night and all day, 
And ponder what could it all mean.

Entry #12
There once was a kitty so wise,
A nanny in soft fur disguise.
A paw she would lend ,
For sweet kittens to tend,
And watch with her pretty crossed eyes.

Entry #13
Come, children, I’ll tell you a story
Of a magical hero named Laurie
She saves kittens’ lives
by the threes, fours and fives
without ever accepting the glory 

It is told throughout the whole land 

how they thrive with a touch of her hand 

(Or she brings in Charlene,

the Esteemed Butterbean,
 and those kitties will grow on command!)

So let’s all raise a glass of Bourdeaux 
To the incredible Laurie Cinotto!

I have many more raves
For the kittens she saves, 

I think I have run out of rhymes, though. 

Entry #14
The Dearborns, a diverse and sweet flock,
Were discovered one day in the sheet rock.
We thought there were four.
But wait, there’s one more!
Who’s there? It’s Phoebe, knock knock!

Entry #15
Ode to Zelda Lamm 

There was a small cat in Tacoma 
That slept like a Lamm in a coma 
Though she was called Zelda 
The second we held-dah 
We knew we’d love her in our home-ah. 

Entry #16
There once was a cat called Charlene
Or perhaps she preferred the name Bean
Whatever her name,
Small kittens she'll tame
In Finishing School, Bean is queen!

Entry #17
The kittens of ibkc 
Take fundraiser phone calls with glee! 
Your pledge they will take 
And good use they will make 
Of donations for kitties in nee(d). 

Entry #18
There was a grande dame named Charlene,
Who loved to keep itty bitties clean.
She’d wash out an ear, And spruce up a rear,
And spit-shine up all in between!

Entry #19
Working these phones, said Cedric, sucks! 
Tisn’t a job for a precious tux! 
Ruddy leapt at the chance 
Sherman started to prance 
And in marched more Marmies and ducks! 

Entry #20
There is a sweet cat named Charlene
Who keeps foster babies so clean
 The kittens want nursing
 Charlene starts a-cursing
“No Butter or cream from the Bean!”

Entry #21
There once was an Easterbrook kitten, 
With moves that made us all smitten. 
On white toes he would dance 
Or should I say prance? 
For dear Thurston this limerick is written.


  1. Oh dear, this is very hard... um, 3, 13, and 16...I think.

  2. #13

    They're all great, though!

  3. 3, 4, and 13! These are all so fabulous though, it was hard to pick favorites!

  4. #8

    Awwwww!! for all of them, so cute and funny and sweet!

  5. 8

    Tough to choose only three.

  6. 1

    What great limericks! :)
    Congrats, you wall!

  7. 3, 13, and 18. Although it was tough narrowing it down to just three -- they're all great! Thanks to all the entrants for making the job of picking a winner so difficult by doing such a terrific job!

  8. They were all great! But since I have to choose: #3, 14, and 20

  9. This was SO difficult!
    9, 12, 14

    Patti in KY

  10. #9, 12, & 13
    But all of them made me smile!

  11. 3, 13, 16 - they were all great...!

  12. I'll have to go with 2, 12,and 13--but they all captured the right spirit. What fun!

  13. #2, #3, & #13
    They are all so good!

  14. From a stack of poems thirty feet thick,
    Laurie asked us a trio to pick:
    I chose THIRTEEN for fun,
    Plus THREE and TWENTY-ONE.
    Then I thought to myself, "That was quick!"

    1. kodiak and kenai's momJuly 19, 2012 at 2:50 PM

      bravo. would win best reply to a limerick if there was such a thing.

  15. 1, 13, 18 Thanks everyone for all the smiles.

  16. 13 is my favourite by far,
    (though lovely the others all are).
    then since i've begun
    i'll choose 15 and one.
    now which one--oh WHICH ONE?--will star?

  17. I can see why you passed the job off to us Laurie, great job all you poets!

    My favorites are 12, 13, 9.

  18. Very hard to choose just three!

    My favorites are 8, 13 & 16

  19. 11,13,18

    Hard to pick----they were all so clever!

  20. Creative followers!!

  21. 2, 13, 14

    Tho. it was hard to pick since they're all wonderful!

  22. My favs are : 1. 12. 13
    but all of them are pretty awesome

  23. Goldurnit - so many fun, good ones...

    # 2

    # 3

    # 12

  24. I loved them all and it was really difficult to narrow them down, but my choices are 12, 13, and 18. Great job everyone! I wish I had half the creativity of you folks!

  25. Holy cats, these are all so funny and sweet! Right now, this very moment, I pick 5, 9 and 21.

  26. So hard to choose but: 12, 13, 21

  27. They're all great, but I love 9, 11, and 14 most!

  28. 3

    but they're all adorable. 15 made me tear up...

  29. Super fun contest - great work by everyone!
    My picks:

  30. 4, 5, 21!! :D But, all were lovely to read today. Thank you!

  31. 5, 14, 21 Yay! So exciting.

  32. 9, 13, 18

    All of these are so funny! Great job and thank you for writing these, all you lovely people!

  33. I like numbers 13, 13, and 13 the best.

    You rock, Laurie!

  34. 1, 5, and 9.

    I'm a sucker for anything Dearborn!

  35. All so good! I pick 2, 4, & 9.

  36. kodiak and kenai's momJuly 19, 2012 at 2:55 PM

    my top three change every couple of minutes....but for now they are 3, 9, and 14.

  37. In no particular order: #13, #18, #3 :)

  38. Only real limericks should be prized.... Many have their meter a skeeter! So I vote for 19 20 and 21!

  39. Ah must be #14, #8, and #13.

    Liked many others, but glad the Dearborns were included in a wonderful way.

    Auntie Em

  40. #14, #8, #13.

    Auntie Em

  41. #14, #13, #12. Great work everyone.

  42. My top three are #3, #4 and #12. All were great, though. You've certainly got a lot of fans, Laurie.

  43. Wow they are all so good it was very hard to pick a top 3!

    In order:
    #20 made me laugh so hard! :-)

    1. Glad #20 made you laugh!!

      The author

  44. #4, #8 and #13
    Thanks to all the limerick writers - what fun!

  45. 13, 14 and 21... but all of them were great!!

  46. wow, these are Grrrreat! 9, 14, and 19!

  47. They're all so fun and well done.
    It's difficult to choose 3, but...

  48. as they say, in no particular order.. 13, 8, 20. Tough decision, I see why you threw it our way!!

  49. Laurie, #10 deserves to win! Also, 20, 19.

  50. 13, 12 , 14

    But wow they were all great

  51. I'm a stickler for rhyme, scan and grammar.
    11,12 and 17.

  52. I like 15 but it's triple! Also 20 then 19.

  53. 15 isn't double, but 13 is triple.

    Going w 13; 2; 20

  54. Oh my!! How to choose!! What great poems!! Well done, all!
    My votes are 12, 13 and 18
    but all of them get a big round of applause!!

  55. So many lovely options! I vote for 2, 8, and 21.

  56. 13 and 20. Third place 18.

  57. An impressive field to choose from! I vote for 18, 13, and 3.

  58. 3, 12 & 13, but this was by no means an easy task. I totally admire and appreciate the entrants for their talent, ingenuity and willingness. Yay for them!!

  59. I'd say #1, 13, and 21...

  60. Voting has closed on the contest. Winner to be announced later today!

  61. Never mind it closed, the #12b rules...



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