Wednesday, July 18, 2012

A Couple of Things...


Just a little reminder, entries for the IBKC Poetry Corner Contest are due by 10:00 AM Pacific Time tomorrow!    We've had some great ones come in so far, and I'm excited to see the rest!

For details, please visit this post.

Also, don't forget, we've got a $3000 matching donation challenge on the table and all the money we raise today goes to the off-site adoption program.

Moving those dear cats and kittens takes money.  Maybe donate enough for a gallon or two of gas.  Or maybe fill the van tank?   Every single bit helps the kitties get one step closer to meeting their forever families.

Quiet mornings like this make me nervous.  I know we've got until midnight to meet the match, and we always meet our matches, but I sure hope things start heating up soon!

If you're in the position to make a donation, please do.   It feels good to help.  And these donations we're making are enhancing the lives of so many shelter cats and kittens.

Please visit our fundraising page to make a donation, and have your dollars doubled with our awesome matching challenge.

Thank you so very much.


  1. Aaack...just sent a message to you at the "Send a Message to the IBCK" link. However, I can't seem to do it again to leave you a "P.S"...

    I think that having a "Beans with the Bean" (coffee with Charlene) Ebay auction might be a good idea to raise some more funds.

    Hope that's helpful.

    Rootin' for you,


    1. Laurie auctions off a 'Tea with the Bean' event each year. It's a HUGE hit. I believe the aution has already ended. The winner comes out and has lunch with Laurie and Charlene, meets the kittens currently ressiding there and even tours the shelter responsible for all the wonderful kittens she fosters! It's awesome!

    2. Kitty Kisses,

      Oh yes!

      I was already aware of the "Tea with the Bean" auction. It is such a popular auction item- one that raises a lot of moolah. :) So, I thought that another, similar auction (in this 11th hour of the fundraiser) might be just the thing to rake in more funds. Thus, "Beans with the Bean." (Note: It's asking a lot from Laurie, but I can hear the "cha-ching" all the way from Southern Oregon.)

      Just a suggestion, for what it's worth.

      Ellen :)



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