Monday, July 16, 2012

IBKC Poetry Corner Contest


I was inspired by the poems Cynthia recently penned,  and thought it might be fun do a poetry contest as part of the fundraiser.  I know we've got lots of writers and creative folks in the crowd, so I know it will be good.

Here's how it works:

Compose a limerick (or two)  inspired by an IBKC kitten or litter (present or past), Charlene, the FUNdraiser,  a particular photo we've posted, or anything IBKC- related.    You can also write about cats or kittens, in general, too.   Be witty and clever, and make sure it's a proper limerick.

The "entry fee" for the contest is a $5 donation to our FUNdriaser for each poem you would like to submit.

You have until Thursday, July 19th at 10:00 AM Pacific Time to submit your poems.   Once the call for submissions closes, we will  review them all,  select the top entries, and announce the finalists.    We'll start a poll, and all of you fine folks in IBKC-land will have an opportunity to vote for your favorite limerick.  

Once the poll closes, we'll tally the votes,  the author of limerick with the most votes will be declared the winner, and this winner will receive an IBKC price package including one of our 2012 fundraiser posters, a set of IBKC magnets, and a package of sparkle balls.   Runners-up will all receive a package of sparkle balls.


Compose your limerick(s)

Go to the FUNdraising page and donate $5 for each submission.

By Thursday, July 19th at 10:00 Pacific Time, email us your limerick(s) along with your name (or pen name)  and donation confirmation number.  If your work was inspired by a particular photo, please include a link to that image.  When we receive your submission, we'll send you an email confirmation.

Anyone of any age can enter,  and enter as often as you like. Employees of the IBKC are not eligible.  Sorry, Charlene.

I can hardly wait to see what you all come up with!

I'm hoping we'll see lots of clever ones and at the same time, raise a little money for the kitties and cats!


  1. Ah, I love this. I'm doing one about Pheona, because she's so lovely and I feel guilty for writing about Cedric and the marmies. :) Fun, Laurie!!!

  2. I wrote one about Charlene and another about Cedric, with guest appearances from Sherman and Ruddy. And a surprise visit at the end of my poem!



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