Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Get the Kitties to the People!

The Humane Society has been working with veterinary clinics, pet supply stores, and other businesses to create off-site adoption venues.   In each of these locations, a bank of cages is set up which houses a small selection of ready-to-adopt  Humane Society cats and kittens.   If you visit the Tacoma PetSmart and Petco, you'll see them there!    Tacoma's Metropolitan Vet hosts our cats and kittens too.

So far, the program has been quite successful, and in the past year, over 1000 cats have found homes through these satellite locations.

It works so well because it brings the cats closer to more people.   The less people have to travel , the more convenient it is, and that makes them more likely to adopt.   Also, some people have some pretty out-dated notions of what shelters are all about, so adopting from an off-site location can be more appealing to them.

The Humane Society is hoping to increase the number of these off-site adoption venues, because by doing that, they'll increase the number of adoptions.  Pierce County is huge, and the larger they can cast the net, the more people they can reach.

Of course there is a cost to the expansion of this program.  And shuttling the cats and kittens to these locations each day has a price,  too.  All the money we raise today,  will be dedicated to this very important program.

Once again, thanks to our Awesome Anonymous Donor,  we've got another incredible $3000 matching donation challenge on the table.  She'll be matching our donations dollar-for-dollar until they reach the $3000 cap.

It's a big challenge, and I want us to have plenty of time to reach it, so it will end at midnight Pacific Time tonight.  

SO, if you donate now, your dollars count twice as much, and you'll be supporting the off-site adoption program!  That's a win-win situation, don't you think?

To make your tax-deductible donation, please visit our fundraising page.

Thank you once again, Awesome Anonymous Donor.   Your generosity has inspired so many others to give.   We would be MUCH further away from our seventy-five squillion goal without your help.

Thanks to all who have helped make that total rise.   We're getting so close now!!    


  1. I'm so nervous! I can't even think about we not reaching our goal, so I think I'll go donate a little bit more right now...

  2. I love the headline, "Get the Kitties to the People!" People, you need kitties! Kitties, you need people! Now, go about meeting one another and falling in love, eh? I can't imagine life without a cat or cats. Okay, maybe when a freshly-spewed hairball oozes up between my toes, I have a few seconds when I can imagine a catless life, but it passes. :) Get the kitties to the people!!!

  3. Love the kitties, love the people! Donate, people, for the kitties!! It's easy!!

  4. Is the Awesome Anonymous Donor new this year?

  5. I just tried to donate, but I've run into technical issues. After I fill out all of the info and click "Submit," I get a message at the bottom left of my browser window that says "Done," but no confirmation that my donation was actually made. I've donated a few times already, so I know what I'm supposed to see. Any ideas, Laurie?

  6. If you didn't get a email confirmation following your donation, most likely it didn't go through. Can you shoot me an email with your name and donation amount and i can look into it for you from my end. Sorry for your troubles! We'll get this sorted out.

  7. Donated a wee bit.

    Wish this fundraiser was in a month - I start a job in 3 weeks.

  8. Oh dear, connection issues with the site. I'll check back later, right now when I click the donate button on the first giving site the donation page doesn't load. Hopefully they will get it fixed soon!

    1. Seems to be working fine now. Please give it another try when you can! Thanks, Renae!

    2. Yay! Thanks for trying again and donating!!



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