Tuesday, July 5, 2011

It's Just Been One of Those Days.....

I had hopes of getting things rolling with our auctions today, but I've had a plethora of technical difficulties that have been slowing this process WAY down.   I'm giving up for the moment, but I promise we'll be up and at 'em early tomorrow with the first of our auctions.  

For now...  here's a peek at one of our lovely donated works - a print by artist Jamie Shelman.   More on Jamie and the other contributing artists starting tomorrow, so be sure to tune in!  

Oh,  and don't forget, today is our $5 a paw challenge.   Click HERE, count every paw in your house, and donate $5 or each one.  

Thanks!!  We'll see you tomorrow.  


  1. Hate technical problems, LOVE the print! Here's to a better tomorrow!

  2. Love this! And you'll forgive me, but if I donated $5 for every paw in my house I'm afraid I'd break the bank. You understand.

  3. Too cute - looking forward to seeing the auction items. Good luck with the technical issues.

    I have tried to count paws but they are moving too fast. Only the dog aka my "cat dog" is letting me count her paws. LOL

  4. Jamie has the most wonderful illustrations...love her.



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