Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Art Auction Preview Time!!

Marsh Cats
Marsh Cats - orignal watercolor by Vivienne Strauss

I am super-duper excited to share with you a really lovely collection of art and crafts donated by friends from the IBKC community. Look above, you'll see a tab above that says "IBKC Fundraising Auction Preview". If you click there, you'll be able to view the collection. I still have a few pieces rolling in and I will add those as they arrive.

The first auction will go live this morning, and throughout the next two weeks, we'll be auctioning off the entire collection on Ebay. There are about 30 pieces total.

It's a broad mix of work including original paintings, custom portraits, prints, textile arts and jewelry. Some of it is cat themed, some of it's not, but all is made by cat lovers. I think you'll find there is a little something for everyone!

A huge thanks to all those contributed their work. You are all awesome and so is your art!! We appreciate your generosity so much.

OK, everyone, please pop on over and view the lovely collection!


One last thing,, we're SO close to clearing 30 squillion! What do you say, we get there today!!

Click HERE to make your tax-deductible donation.


  1. Yeah - fantastic collection and something for everyone. Including me, of course. Can't wait.

  2. OMG. The Jerry Lee Pickett portrait is a showstopper. I was looking at the art before reading the descriptions, and when I came to it, I was like, That CAN'T be Jerry Lee, can it? Sure enough. What a adorable and thoughtful piece.

  3. I can't wait to bid!! Everything is beautiful.

  4. I just noticed on the preview page you spelled Knights wrong XD (Knighst!) hehehe also everyone's work is so amazing! I'm excited to watch the biddings!



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