Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Ring Around the Toesies





And nosey.


I hope you all had a lovely, long weekend and all your critters survived the holiday noise.  We did just fine here.  No one was too spooked, but all were happy to hear the noise come to an end.  

We had a quiet weekend on the fundraising front- the 4th of July weekend always is - but we did make some progress.  We've cleared $29 squillion, and  hopefully we will see $30 squillion before today is out!  Today is the $5 a paw challenge, which is always fun.  

All the art for the auction part of our fundraiser has been rolling in.  I'm SO excited to start sharing it with you.   I'll be posting a partial preview later, and this afternoon we'll start the first of the auctions, so be sure to stay tuned!!   You are going to love it!

I've got kittens to feed, boxes to scoop, and a kitten room to tidy up.  As soon as I'm done with those tasks, I'll be back with some auction action!

As always, thanks for all the support. 

xoxo Laurie


  1. Awww Sheldon how cute are you? <3
    Love the claw action!

    Glad everyone survived the fireworks Laurie. :)

  2. He makes me melt! Sheldon want to move to NH? :-)

  3. Sometimes the best toys are the simple ones!!

  4. Sheldon is absolutely gorgeous. He reminds me of my Tonkinese girls.

  5. Eeeee, kitten teefs!

  6. Teefs & Claws & Toe Beans!!!!
    Oh MY!!!

    He IS all **THAT** and more with those blue eyes!

  7. I just can't get over how much Sheldon looks like my Sapphire; she must have looked SO MUCH like him as a kitten. He's so freakin' adorable! And while he wasn't displaying it in this post I also find his disapproving look hilarious because I get the same look on a near-daily basis; it must be genetic!



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