Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Nanette was the lucky bidder who won the right to name our sweet little Batsel girl.     She's also the gal who named Luigi Fortunato and Marie-Noire Suprenant in previous year's auctions, so she's no novice when it comes to naming kittens.

After the auction was over this year,  I received this note from Nanette.

Dear Laurie,

I have a confession.

As you know, I like to have some insight into a kitten’s personality for naming purposes and, well…..things got a little out of hand this time.
Okay, darn it!  I’ve been hacking into the tiny red phone on the telethon set!!

I know.  I’m not proud of myself and I promise I won’t reveal the boys’ names, but I discovered that the little girl’s name is:  
Priscilla Batsel.

(Cue ‘Perp Walk’ --- Please consider amnesty.  Thank you.)

How she ever was ever able to tap our tiny little phones is beyond me! 

So there you have it,,,, the sweet little lady in the litter is Miss Priscilla Batsel.   How perfectly perfect!  

Hellooooooo  Pricilla.  So nice to formally meet you!! 


Thank you, Nanette!  We appreciate your generous bidding and great taste in kitten names. 

If you all want the chance to name a kitten too, I just listed the naming rights auction for this handsome tabby and white boy. 


To get in on the bidding, just click HERE.    Good luck!   And remember, it's only a one day auction, so please don't delay!! 



  1. Very pleased to meet you, Miss Priscilla. You are an adorable ball of fluff, if you don't mind my saying!

  2. Oh no, the link for the auction isn't working! Is it just me?

  3. Nanette - what a lovely name you have chosen - Miss Priscilla. And not that she would EVER deserve it but I can see Miss Priss being a nickname. Although with 3 brothers she may just be a tomboy. Or is that tomkitten?

    Welcome to the Batsel family Priscilla.

  4. Perfect name! I can picture Princess Priscilla Batsel atop a tower of mattresses (when craft boxes are unavailable) complaining about a tiny pea disturbing her rest.

  5. Nanette, do you work for Rupert Murdoch?

    Well hello, little Priscilla! Nice to be able to call you by name!

  6. Nanette, you are an absolute genius. Priscilla is PERFECT!!

  7. By the way, I thought both "Marie-Noire" and "Luigi" were perfect name choices, too. Naming kittens must be a superhero power of yours.

  8. ditto what Snow said! Nanette -- you got skilz!

  9. Hello Miss Priscilla Batsel. A perfect name for a pretty little fluffball.

  10. When I was a little girl, I had a story book about a cat named Purrscilla Mewriel who always told her kittens "purrseverence wins". Love the name Priscilla for this fluffy baby.

  11. Nanette: cute story

  12. Such wonderful names - and Miss Priscilla is a purrfect name for a sweet fluffy Batsel girl

    Serious kitten naming mojo

  13. Christine J. ValdezJuly 20, 2011 at 11:30 AM

    It's the Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Phone Bank! Yeah, ditto to Nanette: mad skills, yo!

  14. Shocking. The Batsels should hold an Itty Bitty Parliamentary Committee hearing.

  15. Priscilla is a lovely name for the young lady. Is that three brothers she has, then? Poor girl....

  16. Priscilla is a very good cat name!

  17. Hello there, sweet and adorable Priscilla! You really are a floofy little princess!

  18. Further proof that I should be the one to adopt her. I have a cat at home. His name is Elvis. Just sayin'.

  19. Utterly perfect name for a perfect little lady! She is a beauty! And...what a talent you have for naming kitties! I found it impossible to name my kitties so my three fur babies have the names the shelter gave them. They fit them wonderfully now.



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