Wednesday, July 20, 2011

And even MORE to Bid On!

I'm very excited to share with you the last of our auction items. Here's what just went live:

First, we have two very lovely blackwork embroidery pieces by talented stitcher,  and dear friend to the IBKC, Mari Voipio.  She sent these to us  all the way from Finland!   Mari has been following the blog from our very early days and she created these lovely designs just for us.   They are based on an image of our former foster kitten, Norma Easterbrook.  You can visit these auctions HERE and HERE.

Norma in Black by Mari Voipio
Blackwork Embroidery

Norma in Blue by Mari Voipio

Talented pet portrait painter Patti Kahler generously donated a custom portrait.  I can tell you first hand that  it's pretty awesome having a portrait of your cat painted by Patti.  I'm the lucky recipient of this gorgeous portrait of Charlene.   Get in on the action and you can have your cat immortalized on canvas too!   To place a bid, click HERE

Custom Cat Portrait by  Patti Kahler.
Patti will create a custom portrait of your cat in acrylic paint.

Annette Hicks also donated a lovely custom cat portrait.   The winning bidder will have their cat's portrait done in colored pencil by this gifted artist.   To get in on this auction, click HERE.

Custom  Portrait of your Cat in Color Pencil

Last of all, our friends at Modern Cat Studios donated one of their  outstanding Scratching Towers.   I love all the things the make and their clean, modern aesthetic.   The winning bidder on this piece will have the choice of two designs.   To learn more about the the tower, and get in on the auction, click HERE.  Lovely kitty is not included.  You'll have to supply your own.  
Scratch Tower by Modern Cat Studios


A huge thanks to ALL the fabulous creative folks who donated work to our auctions!   We appreciate your support!!   And thanks too to all the generous bidders!  It's so exciting to see the auctions climb.     Thank you, everyone!!!

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