Wednesday, July 6, 2011

And We've Gone Live!!

Our very first auction item, Jerry Lee Pickett - The Littlest Angel by Jeane Gallo - has just gone live! To visit the listing, please click HERE.

For those of you long-time followers, I'm sure you recognize Jerry Lee. He was a special little guy born with some serious medical issues. He had a very brief life, but in his time on this earth, he touched many hearts. You can read more about Jerry Lee by clicking here. I should warn you, it's a tear-jerking tale and one of the saddest days at the IBKC.

Jeane did an amazing job capturing the spirit of this special kitten in her painting, and we're so happy to kick off the art auction with this piece.

A little bit about Jeane:
Jeane retired in 2010 after working 33 years for the US Navy as a computer specialist. She started her life-long dream of painting one month after retirement. Jeane and husband, Steve, have four kitties. All rescues.

She doesn't have a website, but if any of you are interested in learning more about Jeane and he work, send me an email and I'll put you in touch.

This, and all our other auctions, will run for 3 days. Don't miss out on the action! Hop on over and place your bid!

Click HERE to view the listing.

Thanks, and happy bidding!!


  1. What an adorable little face! She did an awesome job, what beautiful artwork. I cannot read the story if it is sad because those things stay in my mind and won't leave. Thank you for this beautiful picture though....

  2. I remember that sweetheart. So sad. The story always makes me cry but she captured him wonderfully!

  3. I didn't know about the IBKC back in 2008, but I later read about sweet Jerry Lee. I just read his story again, and it still really chokes me up. This is such a lovely portrait of this special little sweetie!

  4. So, here I sit, crying again after rereading his tiny story, but rejoicing in what he was and what he brought to us.
    So, to start bidding......

  5. I have only one problem with the auction items. I want them ALL, but I'm afraid that they're also ALL going to be too rich for my budget. Sniffle! Oh well, that's a pretty good problem to have -- it means that the funds being raised are nice and large and generous, so all the kitties benefit more. Right?

    If you have a chance today, Laurie, a sweet kitten picture would probably help open checkbooks (or, these days, Paypal accounts!) a bit wider!

  6. so sad... every time i catch a glimpse of Jerry Lee or Bernadette in the "graduates" collage, i get weepy. This is indeed a beautiful portrait. I think this would also make a lovely donation to a shelter for their waiting room; a beautiful reminder that every little life is worthy of love and compassion - and that they are always made better for it.

  7. Like Sarah, I also smile when I catch a glimpse of Jerry Lee or Bernadette. I remember reading their stories as they happened - very sad but heart warming that they got to live their brief lives with you Laurie. Absolutely love the painting of Jerry Lee, captures him wonderfully.

  8. Jerry Lee was indeed a special kitty, touching so many hearts while he was here. He and little Bernadette remain in my heart and memory.

    Jeane really captured the spirit of the little one!

  9. I didn't even have to read the caption to know who that precious little boy was. Such a loss, he and sweet Bernadette were...but those stories stay with us. They were lucky to have been under the care of The Bean Team and we were luckier still for having been invited to share in their too-short, but touching lives. Their stories bring on an instant flood of tears and I have to go back to look at all the other IBKC Grads and continue to be supremely thankful for the happiness they have brought to so many people.

  10. I'm new to IBKC and was very touched and saddened by Jerry Lee's story. That is a beautiful painting. Would the artist be interested to get some reproductions made and put up for sale or auction also?

  11. What a beautiful painting. Jeane, I can't believe you haven't been at it your whole life! I hope to see more from you in the future. :)

  12. Oh, my, what a beautiful art piece. Little Jerry Lee sure was a precious angel. I am so grateful for what you do every day. :)
    I'm sure this amazing art work and JL sad but heartwarming history will raise the bids and help a buckload of other kitties.



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