Monday, April 18, 2011

We're Minus Linus



A few weeks back, just after the Medleys were out of quarantine, my friend Sarah's daughter, Piper, had a birthday party. It was a kitten-themed event, so I packed up the Medleys, and brought them by to surprise the little guests.

The kids, all dressed as kittens, were thrilled to meet the whole family. Linus was an especially huge hit.

After we left, Piper opened her presents. One of her gifts was a stuffed, fluffy white kitten. Of course she named him "Linus".

Weeks before this event, their orange tabby boy, Jones, began been battling an illness. Sarah and the family were doing all they could to keep him here on this planet, but sadly on the weekend following the birthday party, he slipped away.

There are two other cats in the family, but Jones was very, very special to Sarah. He was her snuggly little man, and after he left, she was missing her little love and their cuddle time.


Days later, Sarah came over for a coffee date, and confessed her love for Linus. She and the family had been thinking and talking about him, and she wondered if he might be available for adoption. Even though they never thought they would be getting a kitten soon, they just couldn't get him out of their heads.

At that time, I had a party interested in Linus and a littermate, so I had to see how that played first.


Things fell through, Linus became available, so of course, he found his home with Sarah and family. He moved in on Friday.

I couldn't imagine a better family for Linus. They loved him even before he was theirs.


I promise we'll be getting lots of Linus updates. He lives only a few blocks away, so I'll be able to check in on him.

Also, Sarah's put a few pictures of the boy up on her blog.

It sounds like he's doing great, and adjusting quickly to his new life.

Hooray for Linus!

And HOORAY for Maxine, too! She found her family this weekend! More on that tomorrow....

Happy Monday, Friends. I hope your week is off to a great start.


  1. Oh, those pink toesies... So happy to hear about Linus' good fortune. The Universe works wonders, doesn't It :D

  2. :) Thats a great but sad gotcha story Linus...

    Yay for updates as I'm sure he'll be a handsome big guy when he grows up!

  3. Happy story for Linus. I want a kitten party! That sounds awesome! I demand a kitten birthday party for my birthday this year. Ok, i'll be 38 but still!

  4. What a wonderful story! There's nothing like a cuddly, loving kitten to help mend a broken heart.

  5. What a perfect, happy story for a Monday! Snorgles to Linus & his new family! (sighing for her own kitten party-- the start of a trend?)

  6. And I wanna come to your kitten party, Holly!!!

  7. Wonderful happy ending for Linus. He was very special. Hugs, Deb=^..^=x5

  8. There are certain kitties whose best and highest purpose in life is to be snuggled by little girls. It's a hard life, but not without its rewards.

  9. I'm going to Holly's party too!

    Ok so that story totally made me cry. So happy for Linus and Sarah and her girls but sad that they lost a pet. :(
    Linus you're just magical and I can't wait to see pics of you growing into your floofy glory.

    Oh and look at those pink toe beans! I actually squealed out loud at my computer. Kisses for the toe beans!!

    Can't wait to hear Ms. Maxine's story. :)

  10. Linus, honey, I am going to miss you very much. It looks like you have found yourself the absolute perfect family though.

    To Linus's humans, I am so sorry you lost Mr. Jones. I hope that Linus's floffiness and cuddliness brings you some comfort.

  11. It is now! Pink Linus toes, a story of true kitten love that made me cry, and Maxine getting a family! = a great start to the week!

  12. So cute it hurts indeed!

  13. I'm so happy for Linus and his new family! <3

  14. Everyone here is invited to the kitten party to celebrate my 41st birthday in November! What a fabulous idea (and a very lucky little girl!)

    My condolences to Linus's new family for the loss of Mr. Jones. He must have left a huge void behind. So very happy for them that Linus was available to help ease their pain and give lots of fuzzy snuggles.

    I'm glad he will be close by, Laurie. Perhaps we can get window photos of Pope Linus from the outside now?

  15. Some things are simply meant to be. I am so pleased that Linus will be loved by this special family. He has an important, big mission for a little kitten - healing broken hearts - but I know he is up to the task, with a little help from Mr. Jones from above. Blessings on you, sweet Linus!

  16. So glad to hear he's got a good home and that we'll be able to see how he's doing occasionally. I have to admit that it was love at first sight with Linus for me. Sadly, I live nowhere near, so I just have to admire his floofiness from the computer, so it'll be nice to watch him grow up. :)

  17. Awww, Linus was my favorite! So happy to hear he went to a good family. What has happened to the dark spots on top of his head? That little bit of something other than white was so cute to me!

  18. Oh I am so happy how this story ended. I think I speak for all when I say that we look forward to hearing about little Linus the White Lion & his new life. xoxo

  19. Sweet little fluffball. I can't look at that fuzzy white belly without wanting to rub my nose in it. I'm glad he has a family to snuggle.

  20. Linus, whatever shall I do now that I don't get to look at your fluffenpuff? You deserve the bestest fur-ever home as is befitting of such a beautiful kitty.

  21. Holly - May I PLEASE be invited to your kitten party?

    I would love to sacrifice myself in that manner - kittens are fun for a visit like that!

    Awesome that Linus was interviewed by Mr Jones (on the kitty plane) and Mr J's family were able to give sweet Linus floof a new home.

  22. I'm so happy he found a new home, even though it is sad that the other kitty passed away.

  23. Is it bad that I saw that last photo and squealed "FEET!" out loud?

    Sounds like Linus went exactly where he was needed, and what kitty can ask for more than that? :)

  24. Oh, sweet Linus, I miss you already! But it looks like you and your new family were truly meant to be together. Goodbye, precious baby floof! Lots of love and happiness!



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