Saturday, April 16, 2011

Linus, Bean, Maxine

Over the past week, the kittens have been trickling out the door. Linus left yesterday (full report on Monday) and now it's just Miss Maxine. She's got a long list of suitors, so it won't be long before she leaves us too.

As I've mentioned before, Charlene has enjoyed the decrease in population. She gets a little overwhelmed with too many kittens to monitor. A pair is just perfect, so she's really enjoyed the past few days with just Linus and Maxine.


Maxine and Linus also have enjoyed the pleasure of her company, and are happy they don't have to share her with all the others.



They've enjoyed the pleasure of each other's company as well.





  1. Just love that photo of them sleeping on their backs with their bellies exposed. Squeee!!!!!! So glad Maxine has prospects on the horizon. She's a sweetie.

  2. It seems like they just got here! :) I think Linus is the floofiest kitten I've ever seen!!

  3. I knew it was coming but I'm so going to miss little Linus. He is my favorite out of all the babies you've had...sniff, sniff, sniff

  4. So. Much. Floof. <3

  5. OMG, Linus! Stop trying to kill me with your cuteness! Maxine and Bean are ultra-adorable too, of course. But, gah, the sleeping baby floof!

  6. The synchronized napping floof pix are adorable.

    Miss Maxine looks like she is listening to her Auntie Charlene on the finer points of handling human foibles 101.

    And last, but not least, Miss Maxine is looking **mighty interested** in a certain Mr. Linus' tail!!!

    Lovely warm fuzzy for the day.

  7. OOOOOOH I hope Linus is on the way to my house! I'll keep checking since he won't be able to reach the doorbell.

  8. Farewell Linus and have a wonderful, long life. I'll miss you.

  9. Oh dang, the two of them on their backs is so cute it made me GUFFAW, and all the cats around here woke up and said, "Wha...?"

  10. In the first picture, Linus looks like an itty bitty white lion--the little ruff around his face looks like a lion's mane.

  11. Charlene's so good with the kittens. I'm always amazed at how good-tempered she seems -- since our resident cat isn't particularly good with adults, we may have to consider younger foster guests. We'd count ourselves lucky if she were ten percent as accepting as Charlene is.

  12. What a great series of shots...

    and the synchronized exposed-bellies!!! omg!! squeeee!!!

    I'm sure going to miss this fammily of itty-bitties

  13. Oh, the sad little shorn bellies. Don't worry kittens, the fur grows back soon!

  14. Love the photos! So sweet! Love the kittens with Miss Bean. She is so good with them.



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