Saturday, July 10, 2010

Our Lovely Little Lynx Point has a Name


Our dear friend Cynthia was the lucky winning bidder on our little Lynx Point lady. Like Nanette, who named Miss Marie-Noire, she offered a little insight to her kitten naming process. Here's what she had to say...

I'm so excited, but having a bit of performance anxiety, too. How about "Camille"? Her nickname could be "Cammy" if anyone wanted one.
French, feminine, a little delicate. Of course, she'll be climbing the curtains in two week's time, won't she? Maybe she won't seem so delicate then. :)
I started out thinking of names that would evoke her lovely creamy and gray color...which made me think of a cameo, and then I remembered an irascible old high school geometry teacher named Cam Tessier (she was a character and an excellent teacher!), and then I thought, "Camille.".

I love it. It's lovely. And it really is a perfect fit for this sweet little girl. Thank you, Cynthia!

We have two more kitties left to name, the floofier tabby girls, and the auctions will be ending today. Please click HERE to visit the auctions, and get in on the action! One auction ends in just a couple of hours, the other later this afternoon.

Our day devoted to the Foster Program brought in just a little under $2500. Add Cynthia's matching donation challenge to it,, and we raised close to $3500! How amazing! : )

We just passed $22 squillion which is so awesome! Things tend to get a little quiet around the fundraising set on the weekends. With Dog-A-Thon so close (it's just two weeks away now) we just can't afford the quiet days anymore! The pressure is on!

If you've been thinking about making a donation, now's the time, because we're running out of time!

To make a donation to the IBKC fundraiser for the Tacoma/Pierce County Humane Society, click HERE.

One last thing,,, Sue at Pitter Pats posted some pictures of her ward, Mr Pinky. So, if you care to see some pictures of the little man you met here the other day, click HERE.

I'll be back when I have more names to announce.

Until then,,, have a happy Saturday. xoxo


  1. How fitting that Cynthia gets to name one of these itty babies...and such a perfect name for a perfect little one!

  2. Camille was the name of the prettiest girl (& homecoming queen) in my high school-ha! Your little furball Camille is much more beautiful though!

  3. And she celebrates by dancing! Y... M... Y... Y!

  4. Oh I love the name Camille! It totally suits her. :)

  5. Camille is, hands down, the cutest ittybittykitty that ever was. i am missing her already. and her name fits her to a T.

    christine h

  6. Camille is quite the little starlet! She's such a beauty!

  7. Camille is a sweetheart! I just want to rub her little belly!

  8. Lovely! Perfect! It even continues the Chanel theme of miss Marie-Noire: the camellia flower is the iconic Chanel brooch!

  9. What a wonderful name, Cynthia!

    The first girl I ever liked (I was in third grade, I believe) was named Camille and she, like this kitten, was very cute. Alas, she was only in first grade and the age difference was too great.

  10. beautiful name for a beautiful kitten!

  11. Mais oui, perfectment! Cette petite-chat est tres jolie, et aussie, la nom!

    (OK- that uses up my high school French, but Camille understands!)

  12. My dearly departed girl cat was named Cameo, but we always called her Cammie. Also Cammie Whammie (she liked to pound on her brother)and Camily Whamster. She also liked to stick her nose in my food, which was then Cammie-taminated! Originally she came from a truck garage, so my choice of Cameo was based on cam-shaft. Fun to hear how names are chosen, and also how they morph as the personality emerges. Hooray for little Camille - long may she thrive!!!!!

  13. G -- I'm glad you liked it and that it brought back memories of a first love. You started young!

  14. Ohhh....*sigh* Dreamy Creamy Buttery Camille...I just love her chubby little paws and how coquettish she looks.

  15. Yep, that's a great name, for a cute kitty ! Those pics are awesome!

  16. Although Camille seems feminine, in France it's also a man name !
    Love from French cat-lovers :).



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