Friday, July 9, 2010

Another One Named!

Nanette was the lucky bidder who won the floofy gal's auction, and now another Suprenant Sister has been named!


I know you're all dying to know what it is.  I thought first I would share with you Nanette's kitten-naming thought process.  Here's a bit from her email.

1.)    Her surname, if I am not mistaken, is French, probably by way of Canada.
2.)    A pic with one of her sisters leads me to believe she possesses a bit of Gallic cattitude.
3.)    She has a classically lovely coat; luxuriant, yet subtle in its color complexity.  She is the Chanel of kittehs.
4.)    She cries out for an elegantly hyphenated Francophile name.

Therefore, I propose that we call La Petite Mademoiselle..........


And so she is....

Nice work, Nanette.  I appreciate all the thought you put into assigning this floofy gal the PERFECT name.    It suits her so well!

By the way, Nanette is a repeat customer!  She was the one responsible for naming Luigi Fortunato in last year's fundraiser.    And  Eleanor, who named  Betty June, was also responsible for naming Dominick Fortunato last year!     Thanks to you both for your generosity!!  

Tune in tomorrow when we reveal the lovely little lynx-point's name....


  1. bueno!

    Glad to meet you Miss Marie-Noire, you are delicious!

  2. Fabulous! It rolls nicely off the tongue!

  3. these names are so creative so far, i can't wait to hear about all of the other ones!

    p.s. is there even a body under all of that floof?

  4. Que c'est beau! Our namers rock!

    Full disclosure: Que c'est beau means how beautiful. I had to use dictionary dot com's translator. :)

  5. "She is the Chanel of kittehs."

    Oh wow...I was just thinking last night that if I could have, I would name this black kitty Chanel. Marie-Noire is perfect too.

  6. Melinda and HenryJuly 9, 2010 at 7:14 PM

    What a lovely name for a beautiful kitten!

  7. What a pretty name!

    *clears throat*

    ITS SO FLUFFY! :D They all look like such sweet babies.

  8. LOVE it! Perfection!

  9. I love <3 this little kitty sooooo mosch! Marie-Noire is a lovely name, but shouldn't it be spelled Marie-Noir? Do we care about sosch things?

    Excuse the "Anonymous," BTW -- I don't have any of those accounts you need to come up with a real name -- so I'll sign myself,


  10. Nice to know you by name, little one!

    What a fabulous name, Nanette!

  11. noir for a boy, noire for a girl

  12. The most adorable name for a most adorable kitten! <3

  13. Bienvenue, Mlle. Marie-Noire! Tu as le nom parfait!

  14. I really really wish I could rub my face in Miss Marie-Noire's belly hair, via the internet. Whoever invents that technology will make a fortune!

  15. What a wonderful name for an elegant baby girl!

  16. Very classy, Marie-Noire. Me likey.

  17. C'est magnifique! Mlle. Marie-Noire is a cute little ball of fluff. ^__^

  18. Parfait absolument!!! I love all these french names for our Suprenant dammes. And i absolutely LOVE the "chanel of kitties." Maybe her nickname could be Coco?

  19. Patricia: I believe when it's a name it's spelled with an 'e.' Noire. (The 'e' is added in other uses, as well.) If you're just talking about the plain old color, then it's 'noir,' as you know.

  20. I came back to look at this post again, and wanted to say that I love this name! She is very classy and does deserve a classy name!



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