Friday, June 25, 2010

And Here's the Exciting News!!

IBKC community member, regular crack-me-up commenter, generous, critter-loving Cynthia (I'll stop so I don't embarras her...) has offered an amazing matching donation challenge.

Today, any donation you make, Cynthia will match, until our donation total reaches $1000.

So if our donations total $500, she'll donate $500
And if our donations total $1000, she'll donate $1000

You get the picture.... she's doubling our dollars, so the more we give, the more she gives.

Isn't that amazing?

This challenge ends at 6:00 PM (pacific time) so that gives us six hours total to make it happen.

If you were thinking about donating, now would be a VERY good time.

Thank you Cynthia, for your amazing support and generosity. And thanks to EVERYONE for helping us reach our first five squillion in record time. We're feeling your love, and are so grateful for every single community member. We're getting all misty overhere already. I can tell, it's going to be one emotional month.

OK... Let the games begin.

Click HERE to play along and make your donation count twice as much!


  1. Thanks so very much, Cynthia. I knew I was stalling in my donation for some very special moment.

  2. Thank you Cynthia - you had my furry girls digging pennies out of the couch for this one! (It's possible they may have been looking for their toys & not coins but I won't tell!)

  3. Cynthia -- you are awesome! Count me in -- Marishka

  4. Oooh...I hope this includes donations made earlier today, as I made one earlier. This is so generous of you Cynthia, thank you!!
    Old Lady

  5. I second the previous commenter! I donated earlier, too....

    Either way, thank you so much, Cynthia!!

  6. Yes, Old Lady,, your came in after the challenge started. EXCELLENT timing!

    The first one to donate after the challenge started was Sophie, Clara, and Molly Smedwards. So if look at the firstgivng page, and you donated after them, your's counts in the matching funds challenge.

  7. For matching my donation Cynthia, you rock! For posting the itty bitties every day, Thanks Laurie. I get a charge out of your furballs every day!

  8. I was waiting for a more appropriate daily Bean challenge (since I didn't dress my cat in doll clothes, hee hee), but after seeing the matching funds opportunity I just had to donate today. THANK YOU Cynthia, for your incredible generosity!

  9. OOPS,, sorry Old Lady,, yours came in later... I had you confused with another donator,, "old gray mare" But it still counts. Every single penny counts and helps!

  10. Wow, go away for a couple hours and see what happens? Amazing!!

    Thanks Cynthia, for your wonderful challenge!

  11. I love Cynthia! What a special, special person!



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