Friday, June 25, 2010

A Tressa and Neville Update

A couple weeks back I bumped into Tressa and Neville's pa, Galen and his girlfriend, Emily. It was great to see them both and hear about how well Tressa and Neville are doing.

They are the TOTAL loves of his life, and he's so happy he adopted the pair. Then proud papa pulled out his phone, and showed me a sweet picture of the kittens.

Later that day, Emily was kind enough to send me a few pictures of the pair. They are just such lovely cats. I love how Neville's once-tiny spot of orange on his nose has turned into a giant patch on his face. Tressa is such a beauty now. Her coat is just phenomenal.

It's so good to see them both again. Thanks Galen and Emily. You've made me (and I'm sure blog-land too) very happy! Give those kitties some love from all of us!

And thanks to all those who got us over the FIVE squillion mark! It's so, so, so, amazing. We are ROCKING it!

Tressa Lovejoy grown up




PS For those of you new to the blog, that's Neville and Tressa in the top left corner of the banner. Tressa Lovejoy was one of the cutest,,, if not the VERY cutest kittens we've ever encountered. See for yourself... just click here.


  1. Tressa is as lovely as ever, she was the kitten who slayed me the most.

  2. Tressa was a personal favorite of mine. She has grown up to be absolutely stunning, as we all expected. And I love that they're so cuddly!!!! Look how happy they are!

  3. Awww, they are both still cute as can be, and hams for the camera too. I too think she was such an adorable kitten.

  4. Ooh Tressa is a total beauty! She's sooo pretty and looks quite delicate still. And darling Neville. Sigh... Glad to see Tressa still grooms her brother.

    Thank you so much Galen and Emily for sharing these photos. Been dying to see this pair grown up.

  5. Neville is such a typical brother, rubbing on sis, looking for a little mama love. Lovely pair. Congrats on the $5 squillion!! (I have NO guilt about baby doll cloths... we used human cloths... And a pillow case. Very tolerant Siamese.)

  6. Tressa has always been a favorite of mine. She is just gorgeous. I've been seen a cat with colors like hers. Thanks for sharing!

  7. And I fall in love with these two all over again....those babies obviously completed their task owning the heart of the person in their lives. Way to go, kitties!

  8. Oh she's a beauty, and Neville is so handsome. I love how they cuddle!
    Thanks Galen and Emily for the updates! It does my heart good to see these babies all happy and healthy!

  9. They both look like they have that soft, thick, plushy coat that is so appealing to the human slaves who pet them.

  10. She is just as lovely as she was when she was a kitten! My favourite of her family too.

    She lovely!!!!

  11. I heart updates! Big, big thank-yous to Galen and Emily for providing such a loving home for these precious kitties, and for the glimpse of these all-grown-up darlings. They could not be cuter!

  12. Tressa is the kitty who grabbed onto my heart and never let go. She'll always be my very favourite! Such a gorgeous girl.

  13. (Max) Pooh and Princess ButtercupJune 25, 2010 at 1:04 PM

    We're still soooooooo in love with Tressa. Glad they found such a warm and loving home.

  14. Wow, Tressa is gorgeous!

    I have to admit, though, I've always found the slightly longer-furred ones cutest (Although Jerry Lee still owns my heart ;_;)

    I feel so old now! I've been following the IBKC since high school, and now I'm a college junior @_@ It's weird thinking how many people have found it since I did! (I've definitely pointed a few here!) You've inspired me to make fostering one of my life goals :)

  15. Thank you, Galen and Emily!

    What beautiful cats they've grown up to be - as if there was any doubt! And they still love each other!

  16. Gorgeous! Thanks for sharing the photos, Galen, it's so good to catch up with alumni.

  17. Well it looks like they have a difficult and stressful life...

    Obviously kidding - they look completely happy, healthy and comfortable - they are obviously in the right home for them.



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