Thursday, August 6, 2009

Our Little Lady isn't so Little Anymore!!



Our little lady, Miss Philippa "Pippy" Allegra Fortunato isn't so little anymore!! She and brother Gaetano were the last to cross over the two pound mark. They will all be heading off for surgery tomorrow morning. Their buddies, The Babbitts, will be there too!!

I know,, I know,, it seems so soon. It feels like they've just got here, and now it's almost time to go. But doesn't it always feel that way?

Three kittens have homes, and we've got one pair left to place. We'll do a little sales pitch for those two later this afternoon.

Until then...


  1. Oh no, is it that time already? ;o(
    They DID just come here, that's a fact - and I thought then that they looked quite big already and were probably bound to leave for their forever homes soon. But this soon?
    I feel I didn't get to know those kittens' personalities at all, apart from the lynx point boys' big blue-eyed gaze and Gaetano's hilarious biscotti kneading hab.

    By the way, did they even meet Charlene? As far as I remember, she hasn't appeared on the blog at all since the Dog-a-Thon ... I sure hope she is doing well?

  2. Poor Charlene. She hardly gets any time with the kittens anymore. I think most of the litters this year were snatched up as soon as they got their itty bitty bits snipped. I know they need 2 weeks in isolation, but it's such a long time for her.

    But it's great to hear that so many kittens are being adopted.

  3. Oh it is already time! It is going to fast! I can't imagine that they are't all spoken for - very surprising!

  4. NOOOO!! They can't leave us so soon! I'm happy that they are getting furever homes, but they did just get here! I don't even think Charlene has seen them yet and as Nadine had said, we really didn't get to see there personalities...They grow up so fast...*sniffsniff*

  5. Yay for adopted gatos!!
    I just might have to swing by the shelter tomorrow for a peek at the Fortunatos!

  6. ...I'm already planning to visit the Babbitts, so while I'm there...

  7. Awww so soon! Glad to hear that most of them have furever homes. Can't wait for the sales pitch :)

    Lovely Pippy, so darn cute and yet she looks so contemplative in the second picture...

  8. Way too soon! But the Fortunatos' new families are going to be very blessed indeed!
    And one lucky family will always have a ready supply of freshly-kneaded biscotti!

  9. webthistle -
    Won't it be an endless supply of bisCATti???

    [[sorry, I HAD to say it!]]




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