Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Well Hellllloooo, Boys!

Hey look, everyone! It's Fergus Mayfield and Cornelius Bouvier!! They're all (or nearly) grown up now! Cornelius celebrated his one year birthday back in September. I think Fergus has his first birthday coming up at the end of January.

They're big boys now,, but I can still see a glint of the tiny kitten we all knew and loved in their faces.

Cornelius Bouvier

Thanks to both of their mamas for sharing the pictures of your beautiful boys. It's so good to see them both again.

If you've forgotten how adorable these boys were as babes,, here are a couple of reminders. Sigh.

You've got crumbs on your head, Cornelius

I heart Fergus


  1. I knew there was a reason I was so in love with those Mayfield babies-- looks like they've got smidges of Maine Coon in them! He's grown up beautifully...

    (As has Mr. Cornelius)

  2. Mr Fergus you lovely lovely boy!

    You are a lovely looking cat and I bet you are a right softy boy!

    You certainly look like it!

    Cornelius you are a lovely all black boy too.

  3. What handsome boys! Fergus positively looks like a little lynx while Cornelius is so sleek and dashing.

  4. Fergus! I was always had a serious crush on that boy! And I can see why! Oh, he's a heartbreaker!

    And Cornelius, he was what brought me to IBCK, and he's a dashing figure of pure noire kitty!

  5. It's almost too much to process in my brain.... Both are such astounding gorgeous grownups that it takes a minute to think they can be the same guys we adored as babies. Cornelius is so sleek. I always think of him laid out on a lap in his red gingham bow tie. Imagine him now like that..... on the cover of GQ!

    Thanks Furgus' and Cornelius' moms!

  6. ohhh my god...They both grown up so beautifully..They are soooo gorgeous and such handsome boys.. I marry them (Fergus as 1st choice!) if I were a female cat!!!!Thanks to their mamas to send us the lovely pics - Jeanne

  7. Wow, they are both handsome boys!

  8. My goodness, how they've grown! Fergus looks so proud and regal, and Cornelius is a beautiful mini-panther...

  9. O


    Fergus is every bit as handsome as a gal could hope for! AND he grew into his fur!!

    And Cornelius....such a handsome, confident fellow.

    Anne Boleyn is right - too hard to process!!

  10. handsome, handsome little men, for sure - my 2 kittens also turned a year old in september, but they'll always be my babies.


  11. Maddie says, "Hi Cornelius!"

  12. Oh my, look at the lips on Cornelius!

  13. Oh-ho-hooo no. Cornelious *can't* be one year old. And neither can Fergus. They're still tiny babies in my mind...

    What striking grown-up gentlemen they are!

  14. I can't believe how grown-up they look! I've been following very quietly for quite some time now, and the Mayfields were some of my favorite kitties (especially Fergus). I'm envious of the parents who will get to have the little ladies currently at your place too!

    Laurie, there's an award I'm passing along for your site over on my page (see below). I'm a huge fan :). Perhaps we'll meet someday when I move back to Seattle -- my husband and I are hoping to adopt from the IBKC when we're in the same city again.


  15. Oh Cornelius - I miss you! I am glad to see you looking so happy and healthy in your forever home!

  16. Very handsome boys I might add.

  17. Oh my goodness! What gorgeous boys! I agree with the maine coon bit. What a lucky mama.

  18. Fergus has really grown into his whiskers -- he's so distinguished looking! And Cornelius is so sleek and elegant! Thanks for sharing!

  19. These are two very very handsome boys! Thanks to their families for sharing them with us again.

    It was a stupendous day in the shelter Cattery ~ between 4:00 and 5:30 today, seven biggies found their forever homes! I think that might be a record! There was Tallulah, Holly, Moo, Pouncer, Callie, Jake, and Precious! What an incredible afternoon it was. Seven big YAYs for all these aweseome cats and their new families!

    PS ~ it was GREAT to see you today, Sue! On behalf of all the kitties, thank you for the beautiful beds and the softest toys ever.

  20. Another reason to admire cats - they get even more beautiful as they grow older.
    The only human I can immediately think of who achieved that was Audrey Hepburn!
    Congratulations to the boys' mamas for nurturing them so well.

  21. What a nice surprise! Thank you to the moms for sending in the photos and to Laurie for posting. Cornelius has always been my favourite IBK. He sure did look good in a bow tie. What a handsome man he has grown into.

  22. *speechless*


    I love seeing IBKs all grown up - and so handsome...


  23. I just HAD to go back and look at Cornelius' pictures in his bow tie. He's still a keeper!!!

  24. Oh My- It is so good to see Cornelius as he prompted us to adopt our two beautiful black kitties, Otis and Oliver, which we adore. They also are one year old and contine to keep us laughing with their many pranks.
    Love from Iowa

  25. What beautiful boys, all grown up. But I bet their families can attest there is still a lot of kitten in each of them - they will always be babies to their moms!

    And YAY for the news that so many big kitties got adopted all at once!

  26. {wiping tears} Cornelius! I still love you from afar - may I beg a little extra treat for him on my behalf? H's longer and leaner than my Evangeline but shares that sleek-y wet-seal gleam! And Fergus? Breathtaking, just breathtaking. Elegance in luxurious fur. (And yes, I'm guessing they do both revert to their mischievous infancies from time to time.......) To their Forever Homes: THANK YOU!

  27. Alicia:

    How is Maddie? And Sophie and the new puppy? I'm sure I'm speaking for several when I say that we'd love to see a recent Maddie picture.

    Patti from Kentucky

  28. Hi Patty! Maddie, Sophie and new pup Cassie are great...as long as Cassie is in another room. It's been a slow process.

    I'll take some more pictures of Maddie soon! She sends her purrs to everyone at the IBKC.

  29. Oh! Cornelius! He was my bitty heartthrob. . . and LOOK at him now!



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