Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Bathing Beauty

Right paw... the back left knee

mom always says, don't forget to clean between your toesa little privacy, please.  thank you.


  1. I love reading your blog, so many cute pictures of your lovely kitties. It gives me the daily dose of cute kitten I need.

  2. Enid, you are perfect, you always will be.

    Just in case ya'll missed the news yesterday, we had an incredible day in the Cattery ~ seven biggies found their forever homes in a span of 1 1/2 hours, including Tallulah, Holly, Moo, Pouncer, Callie, Jake, and Precious! Seven big YAYs for all these awesome cats and their new families!

  3. Love love love the hover text!

  4. Doooh! Little pink tongue and precious toes! Can't... can't... can't... deal with so much cute! *thunk*

    Big, big yeahs for forever homes, Shana! Big kitteh adoptions rock!

  5. the bath of Ms. LaBath... *swoon*

    And Yay! Shana, that's great news! Woo!

  6. Oh, that little bathing angel...what a gorgeous little kittie...Enid, you are just so precious :) Kisses on those beautiful toes.

    Shana, big YAY for all the biggies finding their forever homes :) As cute as kittens are, adult shelter/rescue cats have a special place in my heart.

  7. Ah! and so very flexee-bles!
    sweet girls!

  8. Oh, my, such a dexterous little beauty!

    In these four photos, Enid is concentrating intently as she attends to her personal grooming. She has that air of blissful absorbtion that can only come from effortlessly getting into poses that would take a mere human twenty years of diligent yoga training to emulate.

    Her absurdly pink and petal-like tongue is sticking out either in direct use or in concentration and matches the pink rug that she's sitting on.

    What great news from the Cattery! Yeah for big kitties and those who adopt them!

  9. It is such hard work keeping cute all day long...If only there were bubbles!

    Happy day, big kitties...welcome home!


  10. Cats are so clean...

  11. There is just something about a kitty bath that I love to watch. So cute! :)

  12. Ahem....Enid....(pssst) I hate to interrupt your bath, but those pretty spots of grey will not wash off!

    Oh, and did your skill at bathing come naturally, or have you been tutored by Ms Butterbean?

    ...and a HUGE HOORAY! for the big kitties!

  13. I will always pop by your blog when i need a dose of "kitty happiness". Always never fail to make my day.

  14. Enid what a meticulous and cute bather you are. You are taking your surname seriously!



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