Tuesday, December 16, 2008

She's One Flat Cat...

did you notice the spots on my underside?
oh come on,, just open up the door. why must we always play this game
Not flat enough.


  1. Oh, that second picture with the paws up and belly exposed...melted my heart straight into my shoes :)

  2. I swear your kittens just get cuter and cuter. Oh, they are so precious!

    Having a kitty myself (a bit older than your crowd), I always think they're most adorable when laying in funny positions, many of which require flexibility which never ceases to amaze me (and would probably give me one seriously sore neck if I tried myself)

  3. Could Hester Sue make us love her any more!
    Last night I heard a funny sound in the kitchen and, upon inspection, found Potter sitting on the counter trying to get a drawer open. Then I realized that Beatrix was stuck in the drawer. She had gone into the cupboard below and tried to leave by way of the drawer above, moved something that then jammed the drawer and was really stuck! I jiggled the stuck thing until I could move it and open the drawer and she worked her way out. Glad it happened before I went to sleep!

  4. Oh that neck and belly need snorgles! I can almost hear the purring. Ahhh!

  5. That last shot is the best! My guess is that it's a irresistable scrap of foamcore in the forbidden crafts room...

    Am I right?

  6. Anne B, that's one of the best kitty stories ever! May I share it? I'm so glad Beatrix is alright.

    Wonderful news from the Cattery ~ we've had so many adult kitties find their forever families, including Belle, Eggnog (my orange tabby boyfriend), Rumor, Holly, Snickers, Sal, Elmo (a bigger kitten but not quite an adult yet), and BooBoo (from MetVet in Tacoma). YAY for all these awesome kitties!!

  7. Hurray for the bigger cats of the Cattery!!! AND another hurray for those who adopted them...older kitties deserve good homes too!

    Besides - Laurie needs to keep her kittens a couple more weeks for us to enjoy!

  8. Ahh what a lovely post, thanks a lot for sharing!



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