Sunday, December 14, 2008

Yep, They're All Gone

goodbye little ladies

This weekend we said goodbye to the last of The LaBaths. Enid and Hester Sue's Mom braved the winter weather to pick up her kitties on Saturday morning.

They had been bouncing lightly about the house when Mama Karen arrived. She put their carrier on the floor, opened up the doors and both girls (and Charlene) quietly explored it while we did all of the adoption paper work. I packed up the last of their belongings, we said our good-byes, the kittens put on their mittens, and off they went.

We certainly enjoyed our last days with these girls. We usually don't keep the kittens so long. It was fun to watch them mature a bit more and see the hair grow back in on their once-shaved little bellies.

It was a true delight knowing all of the LaBath girls. They were an exceptional little litter, I can't imagine a sweeter bunch. We will miss them dearly.

We're taking a kitten break while we finish up with the holiday season. We've got our tree up now, and I don't want to spend the next few weeks fishing kittens out of it. Also, it's a hectic time for me with work, and I don't feel I have time or focus that kittens demand.

I've still got lots of LaBath pics left so share,, so I'll continue to post those (probably not everyday) until we get a fresh batch.

If you need more of a kitten fix, you can visit Enid and Hester's blog.
And don''t forget, there are lots of other IBKC Alumni blogs,, (scroll down the page a bit,,, they're all listed right hand side)


  1. Just want to take a moment to thank you for all that you and your husband do. Fostering kittens is not without its expenses, and keeps you from being able to travel or spend any significant time away from home. I do foster work myself, but not in the nearly back to back fashion that you do. Mush as I will miss the posts and the lovely pictures, you enjoy a well deserved break!

  2. My thoughts exactly, Anonymous!

    Good luck, Ladies LaBath! Keep in touch.

  3. Enjoy the holidays & a bit of a kitten break. Would love to see a holiday shot of Ms. Charlene Butterbean in all her floofy glory!

    Happy Holidays! to you and yours from me and mine!

  4. The above comments say it all! Enjoy your holidays and take some time for yourself. Your legion of Butterbean and "friends" admirers will await the new ibk batch with much anticipation and gratitude for all your work.

  5. During one of the hairest years that I can remember, IBKC has been a constant source of laughter and all things good and kitty.

    Thank you Laurie and all those who make the IBKC possible. I do believe that if I lived remotely near Washington, I would happily be a crazy cat lady with a gazillion IBKC graduates.

  6. Laurie, you ndon't have to worry about what list your on, I think a certain Red Gowned Gentleman has a extra super nice list especailly for you, your husband and your selfless friends

  7. Merry Christmas Laurie, I hope you and your family have a great holiday season. I so much fun reading your blog, I've been a faithful follower for almost a year now. Happy Holidays to all the rest of the IBKC fans, hug your kitties every day ;o) I know I do!!!

  8. I've been a regular follower for well over a year...back when Cute Overload featured darling Willamina "making turkeys"! Brilliant!

    Thank you, Laurie & Craig and everyone else who does this work & shares it with us. We need you & appreciate you.

    Merry Christmas!

  9. Bye bye kitties, will miss you!

  10. Oh, Laurie, you've done it again - launched some perfect kittens into their delightful (and delighted)Forever Homes. I second what all my predecessors said - and yes, I wish you the happiest of seasons. If you receive even HALF the joy, laughter, love and delight you send out to all of *us* it'll be very special indeed. And my Evangeline and Lilliane told me to tell you "THANK YOU WESTERLY LADY" on their behalf, because every time I stop by to visit "our" precious IBK, I'm always inclined to give them extra snuggles and loves too!

  11. Laurie and Craig - I hope you don't think it cliche what people are saying. You really do so much for these little babes that are so dependent on your love and care. I think lots of us live vicariously through what you do because for whatever reason we choose to not do it ourselves.

    Please know that the appreciation and gratitude are sincere. You have been a blessing, not only for the animals fortunate enough to come into your home, but also for the people lucky enough to reap the rewards.

    Happy holidays. We'll be here when the next ones move in. Take all the time you need.

  12. We appreciate all you do for the IBK's and I am sure they are paws-itively thrilled to have had your help with getting started in this big, scary world!

    I can't tell you how many smiles, laughs and joy you have spread through this awesome blog!

    Best of holiday seasons to you!
    See you when we see you post new pix.

  13. Adding my love, appreciation, and hopes for a restful (wishful thinking in your line of work at this time of year) and delightful holiday time.
    We groupies will just hover around here and be grateful for any posts you have time for.
    Blessings to all, Committee members and groupies and all of your babies, from me and mine.

  14. Happy Holidays! It's a wonderful thing you do and I really enjoy all the pictures.

  15. Oh, we're going to miss the pretty ones!

    Laurie and Craig (not forgetting Charlene), you deserve a perfect Christmas, lovely pressies from the fat bloke in the red suit, and the heartfelt best wishes and thanks of every cat lover on the planet.

    You all do great work and give so much and it is acknowledged, admired and appreciated more than you can know.

    Merry Christmas!

    P.S. 'bloke' isn't rude, it's an English slang word for man!

  16. Happy Holidays to you and thank you for all that you do!!

    I wonder how you do it all the time - even though Dude and Alice are a year old now - I couldn't even imagine getting a regular Christmas Tree!!!! I got a 2 foot tall fibre Optic one with little leaves and berries for decoration - yes Dude likes to play with the berries - but mostly they knock it over while I am at work and lay on it - then when I get home they look at it like "awww what happened to you little tree" - then when I straighten out the branches and light it up for the night then they just lay like little angles under the tree admiring the lights

    So with curious babies around your house ALL THE TIME how does your house stay nice????

    Merry Christmas!

  17. Thanks everyone!! Really though,, I've said it a thousand times before,, but we get so much more than we give. Knowing these kittens, and all of you,, is an amazing experience.

    Warm wishes to all of you!



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