Friday, November 21, 2008

Kitty Profile: Georgette LaBath

Name: Georgette LaBath
Nickname: Georgie Girl
Describe yourself in 20 words or less: I am warm, affectionate, and a little bit nosey. I just need to know what's going on.
What are your hobbies? I love, love, love to gallop about the house. I also like to pounce and puff.
Favorite toy: I enjoy a good mylar ball from time to time, but I think my very most favorite toy is a red pipe cleaner. I like to carry it around and park it by my food bowl while I snack.
Dislikes: I don't like being alone. None of us do.
Dream-home: I would enjoy a big open house with lots of room for me and one of my sisters to run. Lots of squishy sofas and warm laps are good too.
An interesting fact about me: I love giving kisses. I'll lick you as long as you let me and I'll purr while I'm doing it.
Minor Imperfection: I don't think I have one. I am perfect. And my little beauty mark above my lip makes me perfection plus, if that's possible.
Why should you adopt me? I am that missing puzzle piece in your life. You need me. And one of my sisters too. I will bring you more joy than you ever could imagine.


  1. Georgette needs to meet Potter! Potter keeps us safe from attacking pipe cleaners, all day, every day. You'd be horrified if you knew how many pipe cleaners (now called "chenille stems" and "glitter stems" please) I have in my craft area. Some day I'll divulge what I do/did with them for the past 15 years. But, until Potter arrived, we had no idea of the danger they posed. It's shocking how they lurk under the sofa and how they can crawl under doors and hide in closets. Rock on Georgette, we get it here in Richmond VA.

  2. Aww....Georgette! I would gladly take G&M if i could. Something about b&w kittens do me in. Look at those big eyes....she looks ready for a good game of pipe cleaner hunting.

  3. We have 1-2 red pipe clears on every step leading into the basement. Bob knocks them under the door to keep everyone safe. When Nimbus was a kitten she used to play with white ones.... when they started to turn black i inststed on no more white ones. The dog gets very confused over their fascination with the pipe cleaners.... but we can't expect a dog to understand.

  4. You said it, Georgette, you are perfection plus.

  5. Oh, Georgette... you are a heart-stealer! And a pipe-cleaner policewoman!

    I hope you find your forever home with a sis real soon!

  6. That was clearly every word of it Truth! Any of you know how much love oozes your way from all around the world? Or how much delight oozes from you all OUT to the world? Well, I am here to tell you: LOTS! Georgette, you are a stunner, plain and true.

  7. Georgette dear,
    Thank you for keeping the evils of pipe cleaners out of my house.

    My kitty girls, Toes & Marbles are currently quite busy teaching puppy-kitty etiquette to their canine housemate. An exhausting job for sure!

  8. I don't know. It's mighty quiet, even for a Saturday, but I'm thinking maybe the next thing we're going to hear from Laurie won't be profiles on Hester Sue and Enid, but news that they've all four packed their itty bitty bags and gone to live with two of the luckiest forever families on the planet. As Dale-Harriet says, "just saying."

  9. Chanter - Are you still out there? I miss hearing from you.

  10. Hope you find a nice house soon Georgette, If I didn't live so far away from you I would defenitely adopt you.

  11. I hope they got to homes that blog about their cats as I would love to see Georgette and Miranda as fully grown up cats as I'm sure everybody else does too!

  12. Georgette, you are a delight. A kitten who likes to pounce and puff is a wonderful thing indeed.

    Come on good people, you need a pair of LaBaths!

    If only I was on the same continent!

  13. Lovely cats, I hope you get a home for them soon!



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