Monday, November 24, 2008

What's Up, Enid?


Sorry, to post and run. I'm horribly busy and only have time to tell you that:

1. Enid and Hester Sue did great with their surgery. As always, it's like it never happened.

2. Girls still need homes. Please spread the words to any people you know who living in our neighborhood. ( Seattle/Tacoma)

3. Kitty profiles for Enid and Hester will be up later today or tomorrow.

OK, Bye.


  1. If I were in a position to adopt all four LaBaths, I'd be in the car on my way there right now. They're too darn cute to resist.

    Unfortunately, I can't adopt two...or even one. I've already got a house full of cats.

  2. That NOSE! I simply LOVE those pinky-salmon-y-with-a-dark-edge Lilliane (being a brown tabby) has one, I can barely walk past her without kissing just above it on the furry part! And as always, I want the LaBaths. All of them - I *always* want all of them. "Distance makes the heart grow fonder" but alas, prevents please, extra cuddles from Wisconsin?

  3. Oh that nose just killed me...such sweet kitties, with extra spots and wings and on earth haven't they been scooped up already?

    We have 3 cats so really, what's another 2 (or 4 for that matter)? Too bad I promised Husband that I won't ask (umm, well, beg/plead/cry) to adopt more kitties otherwise I'd be in the car and I'm pretty sure we could make it to Tacoma by tomorrow :)

  4. C'mon Tacoma/Seattle kitteh fans! Who could resist a kitten with wings and another with polka dots?!?!? How about one with a streak and another with a beauty spot.

    A. Beauty. Spot.



  5. Yay - great news the girls came through the surgery well. They are so sweet - I am sure their forever families will discover them soon!

  6. Geesh - what a way to have loads of home-based entertainment and love!

    These girls are super precious and lovable. If I could handle two more, I would....

    SOMEONE has got to be looking for these wuvable, cuddly sweet girls.

    Just don't make them gifts...without the recipient's knowledge. WE want these to be FOREVER homes!

  7. Must. Kiss. Nose.

    Do they come any sweeter?

    According to mapquest - in 33 hours and 53 minutes I could travel the 2,271 miles to Seattle from my house... but, uh...Laurie wouldn't give them to me anyway. I'm sorry little LaBaths! I know your forever home(s) will be materializing soon... you are all too adorably purr-fect to stay 'homeless' for long.

  8. Oh, every time I see Enid I fall a little more in love. I want her desperately - but unfortunately, I'm way down in Tucson, and husband the buzzkill says 3 cats (sometimes 5...we have joint custody of his kitties with ex-wife...don't ask) are enough. He's wrong.

    TOTALLY wrong. I need Enid. Need, need, need... :(



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