Monday, July 21, 2008

IBKC Friends and Alumni

FYI: I set up a Flickr group for all of you to post pics of your own kitties.

I know you all talk about your babies in the comment section all the time. I'd love to see faces to match those kitty names. Post away friends !

ALSO,, I set up a Flickr group for the IBKC alumni, with hopes of seeing lots of grown up shots of the IBKC grads.

If you don't have a Flickr account, it's easy to set up, and the basic account is free.

For Friends of the IBKC click here.
For the Alumni Association click here.

To post pictures, you'll have to "join" the group first.



  2. Goodlands.

    Laurie. You've created a monster - me!

    I'm so excited about seeing all the kitties!

  3. I just put 2 pictures of Potter and Beatrix on it! Now I think I'm so Flickr savvy,even though I'm not sure how I did it. Mama's so proud of her babies! I think I have to go back and put one of Beatrix riding my dad's walker as she does EVERY night at 10 PM sharp.

  4. What a great idea! I just checked out the sweet Maddie, and my, how she's grown! (but still with the little kiss on her darling nose).

  5. Brilliant! I was wondering how to connect with my fellow IBKC junkies so I could see photos of their darlings, and you came up with the perfect solution.

    I'll have to learn how to navigate Flickr so I can post photos of my little herd. Even though we're on vacation, I have a few pics available on my laptop. I can hardly wait to meet the other fur babies.

  6. A great idea, Laurie! And thanks for the invite, I've already joined the Friends of IBKC group and posted some pics of my darling little kitty Tommie (don't get confused by the name... she's a girl cat). Well, not so little anymore, she'll be 14 years old this Friday, but you know what I mean... ;-)

  7. Yay! Now we can share pics. I posted my Tonk girls.

  8. What a great idea! More places to share my cat pictures. ;) And I really look forward to keeping up with the alumni group too.

  9. I've joined the group too! And I posted pictures of my sweet sweet Trinity, Lucky and Boo.

    I had to give them away to some fantastic people after my divorce. Both my ex-husband and I were moving back in with our respective parents. His parents had two large labradors who found it amusing to terrorize kitties, and my baby sister is deathly allergic to cats. It broke my heart to give them away.



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