Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Kitty Profile: Alvie Pettibone

Name: Alvie Pettibone
Nickname: King of the Elves, Elfman
Describe yourself in 20 words or less: I can do it in two,, love machine.
What are your hobbies? Running through the house full throttle while making chirpy purrs. I also enjoy chasing Charlene's fluffy tail and watching house flies fly.
Favorite toy: The feather wand! I will play with it until you're tired.
Dislikes: I don't like having to wait for my breakfast. Please have my dish prepared before waking me up. If you don't, I will be forced to climb your pyjamma pants and cry until it's ready.
Dream-home: I could live just about anywhere, as long as I have company. It could be a kitty companion, a big cat with lots of energy, or a human who excels in the art of feather-wanding. I just need someone to be there for me.
An interesting fact about me: When I am excited to see you, I'll turn my motor on LOUD, lay on my side, and make air biscuits for you.
("Making biscuits" refers to the act of kneading that cats and kittens do with their paws. Usually they knead soft surfaces such as blankets, pillows, or human bellies. Sometimes they just knead in the air. We call this act "making air biscuits".)
Minor Imperfection: My purr can be so loud at times that some people find it a tad distracting.
Why should you adopt me? Again,, two words... love machine.
Seriously, I am told I am the most affectionate kitten in the history of all kittens. I don't think they are exagerating either.
Alvie's bags are packed, he's ready to go. He just needs to find his home ! Any fabulous folks out there in search of a quality kitten, please send us an email today.

To get a sample of Alvie's fabulous purr, click here and here.


  1. ~His purr is PRICELESS!!!~

  2. Who would not want the cutest of the cute? The loviest of the lovies? The purringest of the purrers?

    If only I lived closer! He would love my kitty companions & they would love him!

  3. Alvie, your purr is the throbbing machine that drives the entire universe! You truely are a handsome little wonder and I do hope a great forever home will be yours very soon.

  4. Having two of his fury purring machine sisters I can testify to the LOUDNESS of the purr!

    Amazingly, I can't believe Matt even suggested that we needed to get Alvie because, "We already have three! What's one more!?!?"

    Sorry, Alvie. I'm praying for a nice home for you.

  5. "Air biscuits" lolol

    I call it "happy feet". My most loving little kitty does this all the time! He also does a strange thing where he chews when he's happy. I call it "happy teeth" lololol

  6. Alas. I live far away in NH or I would take him in a heartbeat.

  7. Aw. He's won my heart, but unfortunately, we have a 2-kitty maximum in our apartment complex. I would take him in a heartbeat, otherwise.

    I know he'll find a loving home soon. How could he not? He's utterly lovely.

  8. Oh, I can't wait till Chanter tunes in. The PURR links are just wonderful. Purr, Alvie, Purr!
    BTW, Rich, I see no problem with your taking on another one. At that rate you could wind up being the first "Crazy CaT Guy". What's not to like about that?

  9. The Pettibone clan are Expert Purring Specialists as well as Executive Level Lovers.

    Alvie is so very sweet! (I wish we could have taken him, too). Based on what I know about his siblings, I can attest that inviting him home will be more worthwhile than you can imagine.

  10. Okay - now I have done everything. I have logged on to IBKC and listened to a kitten purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr... You made my day...if California wasn't so far away, I'd find myself with another cat... Thank you!!

  11. oh that puuurrrr... is sooo nice to the ears.. Alvie if I was not living sooo far (Europe), I would have taken you and am sure my Adventure cat will loooove you very much too.. You are such a cat dude. Hope you find soon a loving family xoxoox Jeanne

  12. if only I were closer!!! I would snap him up in a heartbeat!

  13. Oh my! Who would be able to withstand that great purrr?!?! Alvie, I would scoop you up myself if I could! Hope you find a fine home soon :)

  14. What a bautiful colour this kitty has, a bit sandy...
    If I didn't live so far away I would love to adopt him.

  15. The purrrrr...that is what convinced me to let my youngest kitty adopt me! She just cuddled up and purred.
    I am sure that will happen to someone out there who will meet Alvie and just know it was meant to be...
    Love your profile, Alvie. Love you!

  16. oh, if i lived closer I would take him for sure. I love orange cats and he looks like such a lover

  17. air biscuits!

    oh, alvie, i would take you home in a heartbeat.

    {it is probably good i live on the opposite coast of the ibkc, or i might have four or five extra kitties by now. at least.}

  18. I live in MA, otherwise I would snatch him up! Would you ever consider a long-distance adoption? I know you've done it once before with a certain special tortie but I got the sense that was a very exceptional situation.

    I cannot believe he is still available. He seems to be such a sweetheart.

  19. Wow, that purr sounds like it could power a small village! I ended up 2 cats that seem to be purr-challenged, and I feel totally deprived of good purrs! If only I had room for more...

  20. aw, making buscuits - why didn't I think of that?:) Alvie is a doll!

  21. He's a little purring machine! I just wish I didn't live on the other side of the country. He really deserves a good home and I'm sending lovely thoughts out into the universe on his behalf.

  22. Dear Elfin Love Machine,

    What a good idea to have your bags packed, because with your captivating personality I'm sure someone already has you on their "Must Have" list.

    You have the most darling face (oh, that pink nose and those intelligent eyes!) that I could stare at all day long. And thank you for sharing that dynamite purr.


  23. Gosh he's a little love muffin! I bet by the end of tomorrow you have a great adopter lined up!

    I would love him? Can he be shipped to FL?

  24. Oh, I would love to hear the purrs of future IBKs, too! A new regular feature!

  25. Oh my goodness, what a lovebug! Alvie, you're a darling! That purr of yours about melted me. *snuggles the purrful buff fluffy* I'd keep him if half a country and an FIV+ kitty didn't make it impossible. Sigh.

  26. Alvie, now listen to me, honey.
    Don't give yourself away to the fist cat-person floozie who comes along. You hear me? None of that air-biscuit thing. You have standards, don't forget! And don't you worry about that "Can't take another litter till Alvie's adopted stuff." She's just using you!

    p.s. And that Richard--he's not worth the time of day. You hear me?!

    p.p.s. I love you, Alvie. You know that, don't you, honey.

  27. Dear Oh Dear, Young Alvie - The best of your life is yet to come...believe it or not! You have had an awesome "pit stop" but someone will be by shortly....

    Oh man - his purr is awesome...and it was fun to watch my fluffer-nutter kitty's ears twitch (Marbles - her head did not move, but her "Mama" instinct might have flared for a microsecond!

  28. *dead of cute...wishes lil' Alvie was closer to KY, because he would be going home :D*

    And yes, the air-biscuits, the trilly purrs, the *I MUST LOVE YOU NOW*, the fascination with the feather wand...that reminds me, almost to a T, of Kali (my bebe-kitteh, a Maine Coon rescue who is three years old :D). I *really* hope Alvie gets a good home with people who spoil the little fella rotten :3

  29. Oh, Alvie, I do love you so! Your purr is infectious! Lots of wishes that your new forever home is right around the corner. I thought sweet Carmine was the bestest of the bunch, but I think Laurie saved the best for last!

    Many many YAYs for big kitties finding their new forever homes ~ Freckles (feral-born and now the sweetest love), Omah & Mayberry were all adopted! And Snicklefritz's owner came for her! Plus, angelic Fatima is on her way to a rescue org! What a great week!



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