Monday, July 21, 2008

Bye Bye Blue-Eyes


Another kitty left our nest this weekend. Yes, it was dear sweet Virgil Pettibone. He moved in with his new Mama and a big brother ginger cat. I'm sure he's feeling right at home.

His Mama is an awfully sweet woman who cried more tears than we did when it was time to say goodbye. Thank you to Richard, Renatta and Rosalie's dad, for sending her our way.

So now we just need to find a place for dear, sweet Alvie. I'm anxious to find a home for him, but only because as soon as he is placed, we can get another litter, and free up a cage down at the Humane Society. They are waist-high in kittens right now.

In the meantime, I am enjoying every second I have with him. I always love all the kittens equally, but sometimes some show more love to me than the other kitties do. And Alvie, my goodness, is a loving machine.

Yes, it would of been nice to place them together, but that doesn't always work out. What's important is that every kitty goes to a loving home. I'm sure there will be a little separation anxiety at first, but that fades. The same goes for us.

Goodbye sweet, innocent Virgil. We'll miss your bright blue eyes and generous purrs.




P.S. The darling catnip pillows in the top pics were a gift from the Agnes and Carmine's mom. Thanks again, Vic ! They are adorable!!


  1. These pictures amaze me! How do you get these kitties to stay still in these posing positions like this? - running, wrestling or sleeping is about all I get!

  2. G'bye sweet Virgil! You were a sweet vision of handsome kitty while you were in the IBKC (of course, who isn't?!!)

  3. How wonderful to know Virgil's going to a home where he'll have a playmate and a caring new Mama. Here's hoping for another fortunate soul to discover dear, sweet Alvie.

    I wondered about the content of those itty bitty pillows, since the boys seemed so fond of them. What sweet gifts they make.

  4. Lori....
    Kittens are all about sleeping too!! They're always still before they doze off.

  5. Virgil - you'll do just FINE as the Itty Bitty Kitty in the household; while it's nice when the babies can go together, how precious it is that there are enough Adoring Forever Homes for them individually! Oh yeppers. I want them all. ALL of them. Each and every one. Do you happen to know if there's a 23-bedroom home (15 bathrooms, please) with a big study to write in and a another room with floor-to-ceiling bookcases......and a fireplace, yeah, a fireplace in the library -- available in your area for...oh, say $50,000? On about six acres? 'Cause if there is, I am SO MOVING THERE!

  6. Man, oh, man, That baby Virgil went to the right person. I'm so glad she cried when she got him. That makes it OK. kinda' sorta'. Bye bye little precious bunny rabbit boy (that's what I call my "Potter" when I'm huffing him).
    Darling Alvie, make the most of Charlene and Laurie now that you have them to yourself for this little while.
    Oh, Dale-Harriet, there will be plenty of room for both of us and our own kitties and families in your fabulous cat house!

  7. dale-harriet & anne b - Perhaps you can call your new house Château Gato! (I'm afraid I've purloined that from Hiram's adopter. I told her I'd likely be borrowing it, but had no idea it would be so soon.)

  8. I'm so happy Virgil found a loving home. He's such a sweet beauty.

    I've got my fingers crossed that dear Alvie finds his new home, soon.

    I'm glad they enjoyed the catnip pillows!

    Our Pettibone kids send their love!

  9. ~I am so happy that Virgil found a home but my heart broke when I found out Alvie didn't get to stay with him. I love when kittens get to stay with a brother or sister.~

  10. I am so happy Virgil has a wonderful home! His Mom sounds perfect! With all this kitty karma going on, Alvie will be heading for his forever home soon.
    Kitty catnip pillows? What great idea! Time for me to get sewing for the Christmas rush! (somehow I think my two kitties will want to help!)
    Bye-bye, Virgil, you sweetie. Tell your Mom to take a lot of pictures to share with us!

  11. Although I am sorry that Alvie did not get to go with Virgil - I am glad Virgil found his forever home with what sounds like wonderful peoples (2 & 4 legged both!)

    Here's hoping we hear good news about Alvie soon!

  12. Laurie. I swear. You have some sort of special juju mojo with kitties! You get the most beautiful pictures.

    What a gorgeous little boy!

    I am so excited he found his forever home. Hurray!

  13. oh, virgil! he will be such a handsome cat when he grows up, too.

  14. He's gaw-geous! I just want to fly across the country and come steal him (and Alvie!). Okay ... so if he turn's up missing I *didn't* do it!

  15. Bye bye Virgil, you're a beautiful little kitty. Have a good good life! I'll miss you...

  16. Virgil looks so comfy with his head on the catnip cushion. That's a habit starting, I'll bet. Good luck to him in his new home, it sounds like he's going to have a great life!

  17. PS: I bet Alvie will enjoy having some exclusive Butterbean Time whilst he waits for his new home!

  18. OMC! Meowms eyes are leaking. She says it cause she is so happy that Virgil got a good home. Not that she isn't happy that all the IBKC kitties get home, but Virgil held a special spot in her heart since we are the same breed.


  19. Hey Vic, Henry and Agnes' mom, what's the recipe inside those little pillows? Is it all catnip or do you use catnip and fiberfill? I have tons of pretty fabric scraps and tons of catnip in bags in the frige because it comes with the scratcher things and I never use all of it before more arrives. Would like to copy your creations.

  20. It's makes me sad to hear that there are so many kittens at the humane society. You do wonderful work to help so many.

  21. Hi!
    Were can I get some of those lovely mini catnip pillows?

  22. *sigh* Virgil snagged my heart more than any of the other kitties. It pains me to see him go. If my situation were slightly different, I might have adopted him myself.. Ah well, as long as he's happy.



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