Monday, July 21, 2008

Side by Side









  1. Someone will be very lucky to have these sweet, lovey brothers forever. I wish it was me!

  2. OH MY
    How cute can Alvie and Virgil be???
    Very is the only possible answer...

    The first image is the two boys collapsed in a kitty comma - Alvie's head is tucked just below Virgil's bum. Very relaxed pair.

    The 3rd, 4th and 5th pictures are of the boys on a lovely chair by a window. The window covering has such intriguing little pom-poms on it that Virgil fails to resist exploring at least one - stretching out his entire length to just about capture one! And Alvie is just exploring the seat of the chair - looking for THE SPOT, I think.

    The boys are peering up at the window with ears perked.....I wonder what they can see - or are they plotting against the pom-poms, one more time?

    The last picture in this series looks like Alvie is listening intently to whatever it is that Virgil is whispering in Alvie's beautiful ear.
    And they have tiny little pillows in front of them - so cute!

    I will let someone else describe the other pictures....there are 2 more

  3. Oh how I wish I were in the Seattle/Tacoma area! Sweet little Virgil has had my heart since day one!

  4. I wish they were mine..they are both so cute and hope they both will be rehomed sweet little things you are little Alvie and Virgil xoxoxo Jeanne

  5. OMG! They are so cute! I really hope they find a home together! They look like they really love each other!

  6. These guys just melt my heart completely. In the first picture where they are both commas, it's so clear how much more delicate Virgil is than Alvie. Virgil is so Siamese shaped, all slender legged and a bit lanky. Somehow these two seem more like they need to be together than the average pair, but I'm probably just projecting. I do love them so much.

  7. Laurie, how can you bear not to keep them? Even with my two girls, I'd take them if Iived in your neck of the woods. I follow you from Long Beach, CA, by the way.

  8. oh if only I lived closer!! I really hope they find a forever home together!

  9. Can't quit looking at these pics! (and have to comment again)

    In the last picture it looks like Virgil is whispering to Alvie, "We don't go anywhere without each other, right?"

    Oh, I hope that's so!

  10. Oh my.

    These two little precious boys are heartbreakingly sweet in their pictures.

    I am crossing my fingers that some blessed person will adopt both of these little boys. And I will be very jealous of them when they do.

  11. I have been in love with you Virgil since the very first photo. I have also been told in very clear terms I cannot have another. It was very hard to go to Seattle this weekend without contacting you. Much loving to Virgil from Canada. :)

  12. I am hoping that these two lovelies can stay together! They are such beautiful boys and your photos are absolutely stunning......

  13. Somehow I posted as "anonymous" when I talked about delicate Virgil and the heart melting love I have for these two. This is just an experiment to see if I can still post as myself and to say again that these two are just too much sweetness to be separated.

  14. So adorable and soft and fuzzy!

    In the second photograph, Alvie is attending to some rather personal grooming, sitting with his tail curved up very gracefully in one direction while the rest of him is bending in the other direction. You could almost imagine a bowl in the same shape.

    Virgil is lounging beside him, head raised to watch, but he's not being particularly energetic about it. At this time, that is.

    In the sixth picture, somebody is dangling a green feathered toy in front of Virgil's nose. He's pretending indifference and looking away, but has one paw hooked to catch it. Alvie is stretched out with one paw extended, paying a bit more attention than Virgil is pretending to, and ready to leap into kitten action at just the right moment.

    The boys are so perfect together!

  15. These boys are wonderful - whoever their new family will be are so lucky...even if they dont know it yet. Yes, I too am hoping that they get adopted together...and my two are sending good kitty thoughts their way!

  16. Sweet boys....sweet, SWEET boys!!

  17. Such beautiful intimate photos Laurie. I do hope little Alvie finds a loving home soon.



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