Saturday, June 14, 2008

Us Girls Have Had Just About Enough of You,, Lovell Pickett!




The girl Picketts are getting tired of their bullying BIG brother.


  1. Those three girls huffed and puffed and blew his house down right on top of him. The Ikea Cat House looks as if it's had about one girl Pickett too many and has given up the job of being a safe haven for Lovell. Rock on little girlfriends, 'cept-fur don't hurt the little buddy.

  2. Oh MY! It's my Marmie all over again. Watch out girls...he can be
    sneaky. But what a darling boy! I
    can't help spite of his
    antics, he's adorable.

  3. This photo set is so hilarious! Girls unite!

  4. Poor, misunderstood Lovell...

  5. Way to go ladies! Lovell honey - welcome to the big girls world. We still love ya Lovell but ya better get used to the fact that we girls rock!

  6. Oh mercy. I can hear those Picket Girls singing "Girls rule and boys drool!"

    I am totally cracking up at the girls and then Lovell's face. He's out numbered!

  7. I wish I had had claws and fangs to fend off the pesky boys when I was a little one. I would have been so much more effective. Go girls!

  8. Aww... well, you know Lovell loves the romping... as long as they fall asleep on top of him afterwards!

  9. To paraphrase Aretha Franklin:

    Find out what it means to us"

    If you learn your lesson now your life will be much easier, sweet Lovell.

    Before she had to be put down last year at age 17, our tiny tabby, Olivia, was top cat. Even though her sister is 11 pounds and her brothers are 13 and 14 pounds, 8 pound Olivia took no guff from any of them, ever. And now that she's gone, Maren is the boss of the boys. It's all in the attitude, and Mariboo has plenty to spare.

  10. Considering his sisters are a calico, a tortie and a torbie, Lovell may very well be outdone there! *cuddles the orange fuzzy, and the girls too*

  11. Hooo boy, Lovell.
    Here is a lesson in picking your battles!

    I doubt he'll learn quite yet, but it was well earned.

    2 questions -
    Who had the most fun?

    Did they all end up in a "Purr Pile" with Lovell at its foundation?


  12. That's Lovell told then, good and proper ;)

  13. It's a lesson he had to learn; it was for his own good {snerk} and he'll benefit from it. ('scuse me now, I have to run have a laugh)

  14. Heh, heh, heh... they do get theirs, don't they?



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