Thursday, June 12, 2008

Pickett Paw Pad Perfection




  1. Love the orange cream swirls and pink toes on Little Devil Lovell (I wonder what naughty things he did!)...

    And of course the extra toe is always so cute :)

  2. There's nothing cuter than itty bitty paddy paws! I do declare, your itty bitties have the cutest!

    Let me be the first to congratulate KIM on her award tonight! She won the very prestigious Rhonda Pennington Award for all her volunteer work at the shelter! Well deserved, Kim!! (Yup, I got another Kim hug!)

    And it was awesome to meet you, Sarah. How fun for us IBKC groupies to get together! And all at the same table!! :)

  3. Miss Nadine Pickett is telling us all the she SURRENDERS to all the love and affection she has been receiving - she even looks like s he is smiling a huge smile in her sleep.

    And sweet deceptively peaceful. And wonderfully creamsicle-like. Several someones are gonna be VERY lucky to have these kits in their homes!

    Treat 'em right....or else we will sic Miss Charlene Butterbean on you!!!! Or something like that!

  4. Looking at those soft, warm paddypaws makes my lips itch -- no,no, it's not allergy - I just want to SMOOCH on them! (Fortunately I have me some tabbypaddypaws right here within my lipreach!) And it's true, the itty bittys smile in their sleep. Must be they're dreaming of their forever homes.....

  5. Mmmm, lovely podgy paws. I just want to gently squidge them and tickle them, especially the fabulous little thumbs.

  6. All the IBKs seem to sleep on their backs a lot. I wonder if it's from having so much hands on love from the Committee since there seem to be an awful lot of infant pictures of them on their backs on laps. Chanter, these pictures are sort of head shots of Nadine and Lovell. Nadine has her front paws stretched up over her head. Lovell has one paw overhead and the other stretched demurely under his chin. Both are sound asleep. Both are smiling. You'd never know they were Pickett Pouters.
    Yea Kim! No surprise your good work was honored!

  7. My dear sweet Lord! Just when I think the pics can't get any cuter! Lovell is so adorable in this - looking for all the world like an angel cat. And Nadine... oh, Nadine! Let me snorgle your little belly!

  8. Oh my gosh! Nadines little dual colored pad and extra toes...sooooo cute! And Lovells little pink pads.....adorable!!!! How do you live with such sweetness and not keep all of them!!!???

    On a side note....I have founda foster for the kittens I had. Thank you again for your help. I will miss the little babies, but they will have more room to roam now.

  9. I love the various colored paws.

    Horray for Kim and her award! Sorry I missed the party! I was at PetsMart visiting our kitty friends!

  10. Congratulations, Kim!

    What innocent little sleeping angels, dreaming only of Very Innocent Things. Right, Lovell?


  11. Just want to crawl right in and nap with the bebes... and nom those precious toes!

    (((Kim))) from us remote ibkc groupies! Congrats! Thanks for spreading the word, Shana!

  12. Like brand new soft leather shoes!
    Love this!



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