Sunday, June 15, 2008

Are You My Kitty's Daddy?

The kitties would like to wish their daddies a happy fathers' day. Of course, we have no idea who they are, but still, they wanted to put the message out there.

Dad(s), your babies are doing well and growing into fine, well-mannered kittens (although we do worry about Lovell from time to time). Belulah has done a remarkable job raising them as a single mother. She wanted to remind you that you are 9 weeks behind on your child support payments.



I would like to wish my own dear-old-dad a happy fathers day, too. Big smooches and hugs to you, Dad. I love you !!
dad hearts kitties


  1. Oh how DEAR!! Well, the dad may not know what he's missing, and if he's behind he OUGHT NOT! (Gee but a lot of US have been in Beulah's position; hope our stories are as successful! Oh, and Laurie? I'm not sure what Lovell is saying in that last picture is...uhm...polite, you know? (Love 'em anyway, but that might warrant a time-out!)

  2. For heaven's sake! Nadine has an orange stripey place on HER right arm. Perhaps more subtle than Ruth Anne's, but hey! And I have to say that the very toe-y right foot looks as if it could be used as a club, and perhaps it has been. Just ask Lovell.

  3. P.S. Once again, Twyla and Nadine are using Lovell as a lounge pillow so he simply cannot be such a naughty boy as is rumored. Also, it is a bit of a worry to me that Twyla is still appearing in photos which can only mean she is not yet on her way to me. What's up with that?

  4. Looks like the kitty in the picture with your dad wants to reach out and pat that mustache! paulajeanne

  5. Oh, Willamena-whose-new-name-starts-with-a-Y-and-I-don't-remember! Have you heard any news of her recently? How's she doing?

  6. I love how the girls are always using Lovell as their pillow. It's just his way of saying "sowwy"

  7. LOL...behind in child support:)
    You crack me up!

    Those dads are missing out on a lot...look at those little sweeties!

    -Sarah L

  8. Oh you must tell us how Willamena is doing ! She was my favourite kitty !

  9. hey folks.. i got a brief note from willamena's folks shortly after she went home, but haven't heard anything since. sorry... ii don't have anything to report. maybe they'll read the comments and be inspired to send us some pics!

    let's hope!!


  10. I just love that "Hop on Pop" pic. It's so expressive.

  11. Dear Laurie's Dad,

    You did good. Your kitty grandkids are in FINE hands, and your talented daughter is a great kittymom and photographer. Happy Father's Day!

  12. Okay, admit it Laurie - you've got one of those microwaveable Lovell pillows. Once it's heated up the girls cuddle on it and you snap the photos. Then you use the real Lovell for the live-action shots.

    These photos are (as usual) just precious. The one of Twyla and Nadine looks like a studio portrait. It took me a while to even notice the Lovell pillow in that shot. The one of lovey Lovell is priceless. You probably caught him at the beginning of a big ol' yawn, but it does look kinda like he's gonna belch or say something naughty.

    The picture of your dad with the angel on his shoulder reminds me of just how itty bitty these darlings are.

  13. I want me a HUMAN Sized-Lovell pillow!!!!

    Then maybe my Toes and Marbles and I can all be in a bigger kitty pile - and it won't be ME on the bottom!

    Oh wow - the gals are all looking so beautiful! Giving them paw-dicures will be quite fun!

    And Lovell - silly boy. He is a terror-wannabe most of the time, and he is proof - growing boys need naps!

  14. More cuteness than a body can stand! ::ker-thunk::

  15. Too adorable!
    Sent the photo of your dad to mine, Laurie, and told him that, big bushy mustache not withstanding, that's how I think of him!

  16. Lol! That last picture of your dad and a kitten made me laugh really hard. So cute. I wonder what the kitten is thinking.

  17. I love all these cute pictures of cats!



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