Friday, June 20, 2008

He's Got a Thing for Older Women...


...which is fine because Charlene has a thing for younger men.




  1. Here's hoping that Ruth Anne is taking notes. The Butterbean knows how to handle that naughty boy. Looking back at the picture of Ruth Anne and Lovell together in the cat sack makes me know that they are the pair to be together, just as it is so right for my Beatrix and Potter to have stayed together.

    I nominate Charlene Butterbean for Queen of the World, and Twyla to be Princess of Everything. Drewey gets to sleep through the whole royal thing as Duchess of Dreamland.

  2. LOL, anne b!

    All I'm gonna add is... :-D

  3. Charlene! You cougar, you! Way to go, girl ;)!

    BTW, great names, Anne Boleyn. I love Beatrix Potter things.

  4. Charlene for Queen of the World? Heaven's no! She is Empress of the World, don't you know!

    That little Lovell, he's such a Don Juan! Does it matter he doesn't have the equipment? Not one bit.

    Butterbean, you are the BEST!

  5. It just occurred to me that while Princess Ruth Anne is "in hospital", as we say, as long as he's still in the palace Lovell gets to be himself: A Royal Pain in the Neck!

  6. I love how Charlene has her 'arm' around Lovell in all 3 pics. :D

  7. Charlene is explaining to Lovell the expectations of the big brother and how he should RESPECT Ruth Ann and all other females.

    Firm and loving is Miss Butterbean.

    The short-haired Marmie contrasts beautifully with Charlene's soft looking, pointed coat.

    And the audience of little one on the sill or back of sofa is adorable!

  8. Yes! The Butterbean rules, no matter what her title. She's absolutely the best first love a boy could have, and the favorite Auntie for the girls, modeling How to Be a Fabulous Cat. I'm telling you, Charlene has it all.

  9. I can only agree; as much as I love all the wee babies, Charlene just has an air about her. And her not much more than a girl herself! (Laurie, do you have ANY IDEA how much fun you provide here? I'm mathematically challenged and can't be very specific, but it's waaaaay more than THIS MUCH (picture me standing with arms waaaaaay out!)

  10. And here's to you, Mrs. Butterbean,
    Jesus loves you more than you will know.
    God bless you, please, Mrs. Butterbean.
    Heaven holds a place for those who pray,
    Hey, hey, hey

    Sorry, had to do it.

  11. Oh, Harper, don't apologize! You cracked me up. And now, if for some strange reason, Lovell's new family wants to rename him, they could consider Benjamin.



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