Friday, June 20, 2008

You're Next, Ruth Anne

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This morning little Ruth Anne checked into the HS vet for her itty bitty "procedure". She didn't get to eat breakfast today, which is probably stressing her out more that the fact that she's in a unfamiliar place with really strange smells and sounds. I'm sure she's fine, and as soon as she's back home she'll forget it even happened.

If all goes well, which it will, she'll be packing her bags and moving out this weekend.

She's not going alone, though. Big brother and wrestling partner, Lovell, will be joining her. More details on that this weekend...


  1. Oh those two! How exciting for them to be together.
    Now, if you don't mind, I will proceed to have an itty bitty nervous breakdown over the thought of the marvelous, magnificent, extra-special Twyla. I know you will make her transition time especially comforting in every way. Please have a chat with Charlene, just in case she doesn't know that Twyla needs her, big time, for the first few days.

  2. Awww....Ruthie is going to be a beautiful sleek girl when she grows up. She'll be able to keep that scamp of a brother in line too!

    Good luck, Ruth Anne!

  3. Oh, I am just thrilled!

    Ruth Anne and Lovell together forever! That's such wonderful news.

    With Ruth Anne's attitude, she will rule the roost, keeping that Orange Lovell in line.

    This is great news!

  4. yay! ruth anne "take care" of lovell forever :-)

  5. Ruthie will keep her big brother in line - especially if she can hold guard over the food dish!

  6. Wonderful news! Ruth Anne's big bro will need her to keep him on the straight and narrow. Twyla, your turn is next! Charlene will take good care of you in the meantime!

    Itty bitty part procedure will come and go in a flash... I'm sure Nadine and Twyla told her it was nothing!

  7. Yeee-hah! Ruth Anne and Lovell together forever! Some family is going to be overflowing with love and fun!
    Such wonderful, wonderful news! They will be so good for one another (yes, Ruth Anne will keep her brother on a tight leash - and big Lovell will protect his petite sister).
    Now, Twlya, it will be your turn before you know it - there is a wonderful home out there for you!

  8. Hooray for Ruth Anne and Lovell....and their new Forever parents!

    I am sure these kitties will have them wrapped 'round their polydactyl toes in about 5-seconds, once they reach their home!

    Sigh...Twyla will get an extra special home I am sure.....she has a mission out their somewhere!

  9. Oh, baby! What a feisty team these two are gonna make. Ruth Anne has always reminded me of my tuxedo boy, Willy, of whom his vet once famously remarked, "There's a lot of personality in those eyes."

    I do believe little Lovell has met his match.

  10. Those two are a pair I tell ya (seeing them wrestling on the video and sharing a toy was funny), so glad they are going together. Charlene will have Twyla all to herself for a while now :)

    Give us an update on how Ruth Anne is recovering soon!

  11. P.S. - Ditto to anne boleyn about miss Twyla - I think about her alot!



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