Saturday, June 21, 2008

Parting Ways with Two More Picketts

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Ruth Anne's surgery went just fine. She actually got booted out of the recovery area early because she wouldn't stop crying and she was driving the staff crazy. That's Ruth Anne... she's a crier.

This morning we will say good bye to Lovell and Ruth Anne. I am so happy they are going together. They really are quite close, and they have been from the earliest of days.

Lovell and Ruth Anne were the first kittens to be picked from the Pickett litter, so their parents have had lots of time to prepare for their arrival. It sounds like the kitties will be living in the lap of luxury with all the latest and greatest kitty toys and gadgets.

Lovell is the sweetest trouble maker you'll ever meet and Ruth Anne is the biggest tiny kitten in the world . They are going to bring tremendous amounts of joy and laughter to their new home. They are a very special pair and we will miss them dearly.

Good bye sweet kitties, please keep in touch and please be good.


  1. Enjoy your new, forever home sweet Lovell and Ruth Ann!

    We already miss you, but look forward to updates from our people.

    Ruth Ann - THAT is your mission! Ask them to send updates please!

    The pair of you are nestled so lovingly against each other, it is heartwarming. This pose also makes Lovell look like a fine Marmie gentle-kitty. Your mission - which I know you accept is to take care of Miss Ruth Ann.

    Loves, Purrs and ]]sniff[[ know we will miss you!

  2. Awww I certainly will miss all the little Picketts. Twyla especially when she goes.

    Good Luck you two - Hope to see some updates when you have grown up a bit!

  3. Perfect! Mistress Ruth Anne will keep an eye on her rowdy brother; Lovell will protect his tiny sister. Oh, we DO want updates! I hope the new family brings an ENORMOUS basket to hold all the love these babies have around them from all of US....

  4. Such a darling picture of those two! It reminds me of the old fashioned pictures of couples, one very much leaning on the other (Lovell still in the more Pillow position supporting Ruth Anne). I'm very happy for them and, as always am so grateful for the happiness they have brought to so many of us.
    God speed, little babies!

  5. it is really a bittersweet time - I loved reading the stories and seeing the pictures of the Picketts, but they are heading out to their forever homes now, as was always meant to be. (Your turn is coming soon, Twyla!)
    I wish you every wonder, Ruth Ann and Lovell, and my kits send along whisker-rubs and head-buts as you embark on your new lives. Ruth Ann had my heart from her first picture - so much like my littlest - and Lovell won me over with his antics!!
    Take care of one another and your new family...and please ask them to provide updates!
    Farewell, sweethearts!

  6. Darling little Picketts, enjoy your forever home! But you're not going alone - all of our love and well-wishes are going right along with you.

    And I hope we get plenty of Lovell and Ruth Anne updates as they grow up!

  7. Enjoy and conquer, little ones! Lovell, I'm sure you'll grow into a fine marmie tiger, and Ruth Ann, you'll be a dainty lady. But get them to call your vocalization singing, not crying. It's more dignified for such a fierce creature as you are.

  8. *sniff*
    But :-)
    It's all been said... *sigh* Take good care of each other little ones! ((((Ruth Anne & Lovell)))

  9. Aw, I'm so happy for the two of them! Wonderful that they get to stay together.

    Funny how often the biggest and littlest of a litter will be the closest. It's that way with two of mine, big brother Diego and little runt sister Raqui. They are so inseparable (and mischievous) that I've nicknamed them "Hekyll and Jekyll." When they nap together, they often curl up in a "yin-yang" circle.

    Now that they're almost full-grown, though, Raqui the runt has actually gotten bigger than one of her sisters, Harriet. Runt no longer! You can't tell, sometimes, how big they'll actually end up getting. Maybe Ruth Anne will have a growth spurt, too.

    Here's hoping that sweet Twyla soon finds her forever home, and you can start all over with another fabulous batch of itty-bitties! Your people are out there, Twyla, don't you worry.

  10. I'm so glad to hear they are going together. It brings on a big sigh because the big world out there can seem kinda scary at first. I know their forever parents will be wonderful to them and love them deeply but still... it's always easier to start something new when your best friend goes with you.

    Love to you both Mr. Lovell and Ms. Ruth Ann.

  11. Such a cute picture :) So grateful they are going together - what a combo they are. Although it makes me sad to say goodbye, they are going to a wonderful home where they will keep their new parents busy.

    Hug Miss Twyla for me!

  12. Twyla is famous!

    I thought of her as more of a 'Get Fuzzy' girl somehow.

  13. Yep, a, saw Twyla on ICHC and forwarded the capped pic to everyone I'd previously directed to the IBCK to check her out! My librarian friend, Sarah, says Twyla has eclectic taste in books and reports her kittehs prefer *open* books to perch upon!

  14. Cheers to a job well done!!! ;o) And yay for all the kitties getting adopted! May they live happlier ever after in their new homes.

  15. {{{Lovell & Ruth Ann}}}

    I'm gonna miss these little Picketts! But, I know their forever home will be great!

    ::sniff:: ::waves bye::

  16. Farewell Ruth-Ann, Farewell Lovell, it was a pleasure to meet you and see you have such a good start in life. May you be very happy in your new home together xx



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