Monday, June 16, 2008

Shaved Bellies and All

Passed out, post surgery Twyla

Beulah Mae went with three of her babes (Lovell, Nadine and Twyla) to the Humane Society vet to have their itty bitty bits removed on Friday. Everyone returned that afternoon with their shaved bellies and stitches, feeling a little groggy and very hungry. After dinner, they took a good, long nap, and woke up with their batteries fully recharged. It was like the surgery never happend.

I did my best to discourage any bouncing, leaping, climbing or wrestling and removed any toy that could possibly over stimulate them. It's REALLY hard to keep a kitten still. Actually, it's impossible. Unless, of course, they are napping.

Twyla's Shaved Belly

I've had  a very hard day.

Crouching Torbie, Hidden Ginger

Ruth Anne will be going in this week for her surgery, then officially, everyone will be ready to move on to their new homes. It's hard to believe it's that time again. These kittens grew so fast!

Soooooo.... I suppose you are wondering who's going where and with who. I will announce that this week as they leave our nest. I will tell you that there is still one kitty that is looking for a home. Yes, darling Twyla is still available.

I'm trying hard not to take it personally.


  1. How can Twyla not have a home yet??!?!!?!

    She is one of the most cutest little kittens I have ever seen! I know she'll find a home eventually.

    Just surprised she hasn't yet...

  2. Aww, Twyla!?

    I never would have guessed. I thought Two-faced-Twyla would have been snatched up immediately! She's been a favorite of mine. She has the cutest teeny tiny tongue...

  3. I hope little Twyla gets snaffled up for a forever home very soon, I'm really surprised she hasn't been picked yet. She's a little darling.

  4. I'm sure there's a warm basket/lap with Twyla's name on it somewhere. She's too adorable not to find a forever family!

  5. You're killing me. Mapquest says it will take 43.5 hours to drive the 2928.6 miles between Richmond and Tacoma. Who will care for my Potter and Beatrix and the puppers, Pia and Bella, not to mention my 98 year old father while I drive that (times 2 for the return trip)? Woe is I.
    P.S. Don't you just love their fat shaved bellies? Their beautiful mottled skin is in the same patterns as the gorgeous fur that will be back soon. Swoon.

  6. I can't believe they're ready to go! *sniff* If I could get Twyla all the way to NH I would take her in a second!

  7. Sweet little girl, she looks so forlorn in the last picture. I want to reach into the screen and cheer her up. Don't fret, Twyla! Your new home is coming!

  8. Anne - it would only take me about half that long. Could we co-parent? Oh wait...I'd have to care for Evangeline & Liliane too, although the DH is very independent. (Bless your dad's heart, I do so love our precious "oldsters"). Don't worry, Twyla - your Fan Club loves you so much, you just haven't been seen by the right eyes yet.

  9. There must be some mistake. Twyla is coming here, of course.

  10. Time again for the kitties to go?!?!They were and are still sooo cute..Little Twyla, your forever parents will be there soon to pick you up because you are a sweet little girl.. I live too far to be your mommy -- Jeanne
    PS: Looks like Lovell is having a fantastic dream..Look at the smile on his face...maybe he is dreaming of a new trick to do to the girls....

  11. If you want to send her to Orlando, FL, it would be like Christmas morning for both of us. I would LOVE to give her a home. But I sadly doubt you want to send your darling so far from home.

  12. Ack! I wish I were there so I could take Twyla! She's been my favorite in this group... I love the halvsies face stripe!

  13. Lovell really does look happy. Full belly, surrounded by love, breeze 'round his former itty bitty bits.... yeah, he's living it up.

    And I am certain sweet Twyla will have a home shortly if not yet! The head tilt... it's dangerous!

    What's that? You have a bridge you want to sell me, Twyla? Lemme grab my wallet!

  14. Yes - those little shaved bellies the same colors as the soon-to-be-grown fur. I just want to snorgle them! (gently of course!)
    Be brave, Ruth Ann, when you go in this week - see
    how your mom and sibs breezed through it all! You will be fine and then ready for your Forever Family and Home!!!!!

  15. Oh, shaved bellies and loopy smiles; sure signs of kittens being guaranteed longer, healthier lives. Yeah, keeping them still after surgery is impossible. (I guess they don't read the instructions.) The third photo looks like rascally little Lovell's preparing to pounce on an unsuspecting Nadine.

    Members of our herd have always thought appropriate post-surgery activities are things like running up and down stairs, wrasslin' and pouncing. Good thing they're such resilient little darlings.

  16. Twyla will be snatched up before we know it! I had to laugh... anne b & d-h, I can only immagine you two as long distance co-moms!

    As far as keeping them quiet goes... When Bitty's 7 were adopted, I let their forever parents spay and neuter (I know them all personally). 5 of the 7 called asking if I had any ideas on getting the younguns to slow down, as the vet recommended, after snippage. Told them nope, I didn't. Bitty jumped to the top of the fridge within 6 hours of arriving home from surgery! LOL!

  17. Wait, does that mean Lovell has a home now? Can we find out what horrible, terrible thing he did?

    (I'll bet he likes dragging out the toilet paper. It seems like his character..)


    longcat is amused

  19. I tried to convince my boyfriend to adopt Twyla.... but we adopted two already. :( Le sigh.

  20. I'm surprised Twyla wasn't the first one spoken for - she has such unique, gorgeous colouring.

    All the kittens having smiling faces in these photos! Nothing radiates contentment more than a content kitten.



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