Friday, May 23, 2008

Pocket Sized Pickett

ruth anne pickett
Ruth Anne is still smaller than the rest, but I don't think she knows it. She's probably the rowdiest of the bunch. She prances around like a tiny show pony. She'll raise up on her back legs and pounce on a sibling, a toy, a shoe,, whatever is there,,, she'll take anything on. What a fearless, tiny girl she is.


  1. Ruth Ann, you are so special! Thanks, Laurie, for sharing her story.

    I left out the MOST amazing big kitty adoption news ~ 20 year old Gigi's story is bittersweet ~ she lived with her elderly owner in an assisted living center for all of her 20 years. Just a few days after celebrating Gigi's 20th birthday, her owner passed away. She was found in her favorite chair with Gigi on her lap (that's how I want to go, give me a chair and a kitty ~ I'm in heaven).

    After her owner's death, her family felt they weren't able to provide a home for Gigi, and opted to bring her to the shelter for adoption. After a few weeks of no interest from visitors, a rescue organization took her in, and she was recently adopted from there!

    Her new family came to the shelter to share the news with us. I was so happy, I couldn't hold back the tears.

    Happy Memorial Day, everyone!

  2. Thank you, Shana. I remember Gigi. I can't hold back the tears either.

  3. Oh, SB, you've done it to me now! I'm glad you didn't tell me sooner or I would have had to come to hold Gigi for the rest of her life. I was in the throes of getting one of those baby slings so I could carry my ancient Webster around all the time, but she needed to hit the road before I could do that.
    Now, as for Ruth Ann, I, yes the verbose Anne Boleyn , am struck dumb by this tiny, square, blue eyed, lump of Ruth Ann. (Clearly not completely dumbstruck).

  4. she is beyond cute. omg!!!!!! i can just think about her prancing around like a show pony. i don't think i can handle the cute.

  5. Shana> Thats great! :)

    As for Miss Ruth Anne Pickett - She is a little cutie pie isn't she...?

    *Wants to take her home even though he lives in the UK*

  6. OMG, look a those beautiful blue eyes... Defenitely a kitty to fall in love with!

  7. Please tell me... does she taste like Cookies & Cream icecream?

  8. Oh, shana banana, how wonderful!

    I'm sure Gigi's first forever mom found comfort and peace with Gigi in her last moments here on terra firma... I'd like to think she is now smiling down, with sweet Bernadette beside her, on you, the shelter and, especially, Gigi's second forever parents!

    Miss Ruth Anne, you keep those siblings in line and show them that amazing things come in small packages!

  9. Thank you for letting us know about Gigi. How wonderful her new family must be! (And I agree, her first owner passed in the way I want to go when the time comes, with a kitty purring on my lap. Heaven indeed!)

    Now, Ruth Ann reminds me so much of one of my 14 year old babies...still tiny after all these years (5 lbs) and fearless!
    Snorgles to Ruth Ann (I can say it: she's my favorite - more pix of her p-l-e-a-s-e!) and kisses to all the Picketts. Special love to Charlene!

  10. Oooh, I think she's my favorite Pickett!

  11. Ruth Anne looks like a tiny little bear. I bet the way she rears on her hind legs makes her look even more cub-like. She is darling!

  12. Okay, I confess. Ruth Anne is my favorite Pickett. I have a thing for tuxedo kitties, and this little dynamo very closely resembles one. And OMG, those hypnotic blue eyes of hers! Add that precious almost all-white chin, and I'm just a goner every time I look at her. True Love.

  13. Each and every one of the Picketts keep capturing my heart!

    I am so pleased to hear that sweet Gigi (never met her, but hey...she's gotta be sweet!) has found a new forever home! Cheers for those awesome people recognizing the charms of a senior kitty.

    But back to the Pocket! [[thud]]

  14. Aw, SB - Gigi's story makes me cry (bittersweet indeed) - and Kleinwort - your comment about Gigi's owner & little Bernadette (more tears!)

    Then to look at the PocketPicket Ruth Ann - OMG - she's definitely giving Jerry Lee a run for the money here! I was sure it was JL - now this! Aaagh!



  15. Tiny Ruth Ann, very good and very powerful things come in small packages you know ;)



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