Saturday, May 24, 2008

Today is my Mom's Birthday !!

Thanks for your help delivering the message, Charlene.

Happy Birthday Mom! I hope you have a glorious day !


Lots of love,,



  1. Happy Birthday Laurie's Mom!!

    Nice pose Charlene!

  2. Happy B-day Laurie's Mom - and to quote Zoolander,
    Charlene is really, really, ridiculously good-looking!

  3. This is the most beautiful birthday greeting I've ever seen! Charlene is the perfect model ~ I'm still waiting to see HER on one of Laurie's bags!

    Happy Birthday to Laurie's Mom!! Enjoy this special day (and thanks for giving us Laurie, she's incredible).

  4. THE MOST HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Mrs. Laurie's Mom! Thanks to you (and Mr. Laurie's Dad), the world is a far better place. When the whole thing gets to be too much for us, Laurie has made a place for us to come and rejoice. So, thanks, and again, HBD!

  5. Happy Birthday Charlene's Grandma!

  6. Happy, Happy Day Laurie's Mom !!!

  7. What THEY said! Happy Birthday, Mrs Laurie's Mom. All that sweet love must have come from back many generations, but it's been sweetened and refined, and it's an honor to honor the day you were born! (Laurie passes it along to the kittens, and - through pictures, to all of us. You, partially through her, are improving this ol' world. Thank you!

  8. Charlene is such a beautiful girl! What a delightful birthday greeting. She does look a bit impatient though -- like she is waiting for you to be done.

  9. Yes, indeed, Laurie's Mom... have the happiest of birthdays!

    The IBKC followers have already said it all... ya done real good with your own itty bitty gal! (And her Dad, too, of course!)


  10. I think Laurie should give you a kitten for your birthday! Or two maybe !

    Happy Birthday Laurie's Mom!!

  11. Happy Birthday, Laurie's Mom! What a beautiful "card!"

    Charlene is quite the model!

  12. That Charlene is such a card.


  13. Gosh - I can't say it any better than Charlene and all the IBKC followers!

    Happy Happy and many more....

    Charlene is such a love - she deserves a few accolades too!

  14. What a special day. Wishing you a very happy birthday (Mrs. Cinotto?) and sending you thanks for the gift of your daughter.

  15. Happy Birthday, Laurie's Mom!

  16. Thank you to everyone for the many birthday wishes to me and your kind comments. Also, my thanks to
    Charlene, who I know did not consider posing for my card exactly the highlight of her day! Laurie has made me many cards over the years, but this one was extra special. Laurie's dad and I are blessed with such a wonderful family. Laurie's Mom

  17. Hey, Sharon, it's the OTHER Laurie wishing you a belated, but heartfelt, happy birthday!



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