Thursday, May 22, 2008

Charlene Meets the Picketts

So yes, Charlene Butterbean has been formally introduced to The Picketts. Being the kitten ambassador she is, she went right up to them and said "hello" . The friendly Picketts were curious about her, and not the least bit cautious. They greeted her, took a few licks from Charlene, then dashed off to explore the living room. They sniffed under chairs and behind the sofa and even went as far as the dining room. When they would go too far,and find that their siblings were out of eyesight, they would let out a cry and wait for a search party to come for them.

When the kittens are around, Charlene likes to sit in the middle of the rug and watch them run about. When one is in range, she'll grab them, then roll them, and give them a good bath. Ruth Anne was probably the one most interested in Charlene, but I think she was just hoping to be able to nurse on her. Of course she got a good cleaning instead, which wasn't exactly what she was looking for, but I think she still loved the affection and attention.

As the evening progressed, the kittens got braver, went further, and climbed higher. They chased foil balls across the rug and scaled the couch and wrestled in the pillows. The sat in the window and looked outside. After a intense period play and exploration, they piled into a heap and crashed.

Just like any parent, I think Beulah enjoyed having a little peace and quiet while the kittens were away, but she was happy to see them return.

Here are some more pictures from the day. Craig gets credit for the fabulous wrestling shots of Lovell and Jerry Lee.






  1. Oh, thank you Laurie. I've been jonesing for news of Charlene and the Picketts. What a joy to read about their day together.

    And as always, the photos are simply enchanting.

  2. Oh, I feel as if I've just received a fabulous gift.
    I really want me that Twyla, real bad!

  3. That Charlene. She is my favorite. And I'd tell her too if I weren't all the way in Texas. Of course, she probably wouldn't be surprised if she kwew she had a HUGE fan club. She was born for stardom.

    Oh that Lovell. I'm a sucker for orange with attitude!

  4. Laurie (and Craig), thanks so much for these fantastic photos. And for taking such amazing care of the Picketts, as well as Charlene. I imagine she has been aware of the kittens and now she has met (and bathed) them ~ as always, a match made in heaven.

    Yay for big kitties Jacob & Zimba who were adopted from the shelter yesterday! Such loves!

  5. Shana Banana, I just love it when you check in and I always hope the last part of your message will tell us of grown-up kitties who've found forever homes. Good job, girl, and hugs from Virginia where neither of my kitties has a southern accent. They say it would make them sound a little less smart somehow.

  6. Anne B., I'm with you on Shana's wonderful news about big kitties finding families. Makes my heart happy as can be.

    Through the years our fur family's been a mix of mature cats and kittens (all rescues) and with a little time and care, they've always gotten along famously.

    One of my favorite series to read to my young relatives is the "Mr. Putter & Tabby" books, about an older gent who chooses a cat, not a kitten, from his local shelter. They're a great match, because neither of them is cute or peppy anymore, and both are a little deaf and creaky. Their companionable adventures continue through several books.

  7. *contented sleepy smile*
    So tired so I'll just say, "What they said!" What a way to wrap up the day! Thanks Laurie, Craig and all the ibkc followers. Your photos, narrative, and spending a little time with the "community" is such a lovely way to end the day.

  8. "When one is in range, she'll grab them, then roll them, and give them a good bath."

    I can just imagine that!! Go Charlene!

  9. Chanter - This is a Mega-Itty Bitty Kitty posting! 10 pix - so here goes!

    Top one is Charlene sprawled out on the lovely Lovell contemplating giving Charlene a pat (or POUNCE???) on the face!

    Followed by an awesome series of close-ups of a wrassling match between Lovell and Jerry Lee - kitten teef and kitten poly-paws with toes spread wide for extra oomph! Fun was definitely had by all - there are kitten smiles all over this set of images!

    Then there are two lovely portraits of - Nadine in all her soft, blue and cream tabby with beautiful white chest fluff. And below the chest fluff there is one paw tucked under and the other is out fron - with her "thumb" peeking out too!

    And the final image is sweet Twyla, who is peeking between a couple pillows - showing off 'Harry Potter' forehead marking - the off-center streak of cream that creases her face - accented by the rich color of that silky pillow on the left.

  10. Chanter - I hope you appreciate the sheer SACRIFICE I made gazing at the IBK's and .... and.....


  11. Laurie,Craig and IBKC, THANKS so much for the lovely pics and the great update on Charlene and the Picketts..So glad to see how they got along..They still sooo cute and got so BIG!As usual,Charlen is a real Star.Big Hugs to everybody xoxox Jeanne

  12. It's been a while since we've seen a closeup of dear little Ruth Anne. I'm dying to see how her coloring is evolving.

  13. Thanks for that Charlene update! I know she loves kittens, but I wanted to know if the kittens loved her too.
    I'm so glad momma Beluah has a home already too. That poor momma cat will deserve a nice break after raising kittens. No more "moooom, Jerry Lee is biting me on the leg!"

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