Friday, May 9, 2008

Letting the Cat out of the Bag... I Mean Onto the Bag

ibkc bag by laura bee designs
Perhaps you recognize this handsome kitty featured on the bag. It's Cassius, from the original IBKC! Laura, of Laura Bee Designs created this delightful design. It's one of her custom photo bags. You can send in a picture of your own kitty ( or a snapshot of anything... ) and she can create a unique piece using your image. You can find out more about her beautiful products by visiting her blog or shop.


  1. This bag is cool ~ and I think Charlene Butterbean is the ultimate model. A photo of her would look amazing on a bag like this! Thanks, Laurie, for telling us about Laura and her designs.

    PS ~ YAY for big kitty Sassy Girl who was adopted from the shelter this week! One of our dedicated volunteers fell in love with her and scooped her up, all 25 pounds of her! And YAY for biggies Rosie, Hank, Topaz & Opal ~ they also found their forever homes!

  2. Oh, Shana-Banana, you're wonderful to care for these grown-ups who deserve do much love. We can't all be like Charlene and keep them only as itty bitties. And let's face it, there's a lot to be said for the more mature models. Thank you.
    And I see trouble for a lot of us junkies who will want a Laura bag featuring each of our own babies. Yea!

  3. That bag looks awesome! Thanks for sharing Laura's links :)

  4. oohhh, very nice! although i can see getting a cat bag, i can also see one with this cool photo my hubby took of the eiffel tower on the bag! a million ideas (well, only if you have a million good photos...) happeee friday y'all from georgia.

  5. Oooh - for those of you, like me, who just love to see the IBK's all grown-up, Alicia just posted some new pictures of one of my faves - Maddie!

  6. Wow, that is cool! :-)

  7. Agreed, anne b! I look forward to shana banana's posts on what's going on at the shelter! shana, cudos! And I agree about Miz Charlene.

    Laurie, thanks for sharing the link. :-)


  8. Thanks to Anne Boleyn and Lisa K for your kind words. I do love following the lives of the IBKs, and also feel the need to "plug" the biggies when they've got good news too. I was relieved when Laurie came to the cattery a few weeks ago (I got to finally meet her!), and she didn't seem to mind my occasional celebration of good news for those sometimes forgotten big kitties. Laurie, I think you're amazing ~ Kim and Sue too. Thanks for letting me crash the IBKC!



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