Thursday, May 8, 2008

More Mayfields

Here's another one of the recently discovered Mayfield videos. In this one, you get to hear the fabulous purrrrrrr of Mr. LeRoy.

In the second video, Clementine and LeRoy start the wrestling match. Once Clemmie grows bored, LeRoy takes on his napping brother, Auggie. Poor Auggie !


  1. Have I ever mentioned how furbulously awesome IBKs are?

    LeRoy's mews & purr - Aaack! *thud*

  2. arrrgg...soooooo cuuuteee. Thanks so much for putting more videos of the Mayfields..They were such an adorable bunch of cute lovely handsome kitties..miss them sooo much ...-- Jeanne

  3. Oh that squeaky little mew is just fabulous....

  4. I suspect any dogs in your area can hear my super-high pitched squeal from here....precious babies!!!

  5. Oh that purrrrr was not to be missed! Thanks for sharing those with us all.

  6. In the first one, when Leroy gets up, mews and puts his purring face to the camera, I found my own face about 3 inches from the screen as if I could actually make contact.
    In the 2nd one, when his little flailing paws realize that Clemmie is really gone, Leroy gives new meaning to "Rude Awakening!"

  7. awwwwwww!!!! so cute!!! i love it when furballs talk. i can actually carry on quite a convo with mine :)

  8. May I take this opportune moment to beg the forever parents of the wonderful Mayfields to please give us an update on your babies?

    Yes, the greedy public makes such demands on stars. But it would be oh so loverly to see how they are growing!

  9. I'll second that awen! I freely admit to being a glutton for Laurie's foster bebes! Please, kind forever parents, indulge us, won't you??

    Thank you Laurie, for putting up more videos so quickly! LeRoy made such perfectly wonderful mewsic! And the bebe wrestling... Too much!

    I too shall *swoon'n'thud* now!


  10. Absolutely loved the pictures of the kitties.
    You were nominated by the BOBS so I am popping by to do my homework as one of the judges.
    Absolutely adorable.
    Thank you for sharing

    PS We had squealing 10 year olds that that just wanted to squeeze those little adorable baby kitties.

  11. Aww what a little rumbler that LeRoy is!

  12. Awwww - how sweet the mews-ik of the itty-bitty Mayfields.

    Such cuties, but it feels like furever since they left...any updates?

    Ditto for any of their predecessor litters....

    I admit it..I AM GREEDY!



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