Sunday, May 11, 2008

A Happy Mothers Day for Beulah Mae

beulah mae pickett
Beautiful, beautiful Beulah Mae Pickett, we celebrate you today. You are such a sweet and nurturing mother whose patience never grows thin. Your babies love you dearly, and so do we.


You are indeed a special girl... and we're not the only ones who can see how special you are. You see, a few days ago we found a home for Beulah Mae AND one of her babies will be going with her!! Isn't that just wonderful??

It's not always that easy to find a home for an adult cat, even when they are as beautiful and dear as Ms Beulah Mae. So we, of course, are thrilled to no end that she has found a loving home. I am not revealing any more details at this point, including which kitten will be going with her. So don't ask please, you will just have to wait.

I would like to wish a very big Happy Mothers Day to Beulah Mae and her mother to be. And Happy Mothers Day to all you mothers out there! When I say all mothers, I mean mothers to humans and critters alike. Including my own mom, of course.

Happy Mothers Day!


  1. And Happy Mother's Day to you, Laurie and Kim and Sue and Shana Banana. How totally great that Beulah Mae and one of her babies have a forever home. And what a lucky Mom to get those two.
    The pictures are, as usual, BEAUTIFUL. First, a head shot of Beulah Mae looking elegant and serene. Then, OMG!, she's lying on her side with a baby on her head, one under her big-thumbed paw, and the rest scrunched up against her back. The last picture is breathtaking: Beulah Mae as the perfect mother with all five of them lined up at the milk bar. This is a great mother's day gift to me and I wish a very happy one to all.

  2. Happy Mother's Day, Beulah Mae! I am so thrilled with the news that you and one of your babies have a forever home. And you know your other kittens will have wonderful forever homes, too, thanks to IBKC's crew. Hugs to you - and to all Moms reading this!

  3. I am so happy to hear that our sweet Beulah Mae and a baby have a forever home!!!

    It's a happy Mother's day indeed. My best wishes to you and the other foster parents out there that make the world such a great place for the IBKs and their fans!

  4. That is wonderful news! I love it when mom cats are adopted with one of their kits.
    Happy Mother's Day to all!

  5. I am so happy! Yay! It is great to hear that Beulah Mae will be with one of her babes! (can't wait to find out which one!)

    Happy Mother's Day to all IBK "moms" - and not to forget Charlene Butterbean, who is the bestest surrogate Momma Cat around!

  6. aww, I'm so happy that Beulah gets to live with one of her babies! I know a mommy cat who lives with her son, and they are the happiest cats I know.

  7. Awww, yay! That's wonderful news. *cuddles Momkitty Beulah Mae* Now I'm all curious to hear which of the kittens is going home with her. *anticipates*

    And just out of curiosity... I may have asked this before, and if I did I've flaked and forgotten. What does Beulah Mae Momkitty look like? I keep imagining her as a lovely, almost silvery grey, but as she's got tortie/torbie, calico and orange babies, I could very well be wrong.

  8. Chanter, she's pretty much a torbie, I think. She has a really beautiful tabby face, but the expanse of her goes torbie, even though she seems tabby. Maybe grey torbie in the body?
    Does anyone else interpret her differently?
    How would you describe her, Laurie?

  9. Happy Mother's Day to you and all your sweet kitties. Love your pictures (as always).

  10. Hooray for the sweet Ms. Belulah! It's such a wonderful blessing to have a momcat snapped up so quickly: I'm sure her new staff will offer a perfect forever home.

  11. Adding my cyberhugs and wishes for a wonderful Mother's Day for Laurie and all the ibkc groupie moms!

    Don't forget Wendy & Jeremy over in Iowa... they've found homes for all but two of their bebes. Good photos of the two to go went up today. (


  12. chanter,,she's more tortie than tabby. but there is plenty tabby in her. her coat is black and copper. with a silver undertone that really seems to show in photos. her eyes are golden. she's a beauty.

  13. Happy Mother's Day to all, including Beulah Mae and Charlene Butterbean (she's as much of a mom as any mom could be ~ viabloomington is right!)

    I'll be sure to spread the wonderful news about mama Beulah Mae and her adoption ~ our cattery volunteers will be thrilled!

  14. Chanter,

    And she has a lovely face. Very peaceful and relaxed in every single picture! She has the kind of face you look at and know she's got to be the bestest most gentle mommy ever!

    p.s. Everyone's quite right. Huzzah for surrogate Momcat Charlene too!!!

  15. *meeelts* a gentle polydactyl torbie momkitty, how much better can you get? Her soon-to-be people are incredibly lucky, and so are her foster-folks. *cuddles her, and the kittens as well*

  16. All the IBKC team is an amzing group of humans - and you have a countless number of beings who can include you in their thoughts as "MOM"

    Beulah is gorgeous! I am so thrilled that she has a home and I will eagerly await the surprise, of who she will take with her.

  17. Chanter -
    Beulah Mae is a gorgeous shorthair, with a tabby face and a few tabby stripes on each of her forelegs.

    The rest of her looks like a tortie - with the darker color being like a deep grey rather than black. and between the striping an orangey, almost rust color.

    She looks so very plushy in these pictures, I can tell that she has been wonderfully cared for!

  18. That's fantastic news.. Beulah Mae and one of her baby to be adopted together..can't wait to know which one.. so I guess, 4 to go..but am sure they will be adopted very soon too. Happy Belated Mother's Day to all the human mums, cats mom, surrogated mums..Big hugs to All xoxox Jeanne

  19. Beulah Mae, what a loving, proud Mummy Cat you are, your kittens are delightful and I'm so pleased you have a great forever home to go to :)

  20. Are all 5 kitties in the second picture? It looks like a kitty arm on Mama's back leg or are my eyes playing tricks on me...

    Either way, she is the best mom and such an appropriate post for yesterday.

  21. That is such wonderful news!!!!! That makes me very happy as I have been following along and wishing for a loving home for Beulah (she seems soooo sweet!)

    Happy Mothers Day to you too!!!!

    -Sarah, Roary, and Ramona

  22. I'm late here, but I hope EVERY day in your house is a Happy Mothers' Day Laurie; the kittens who get their start in your loving environs owe you so much, not only for the adoration and care and nurturing you give them but for allowing all of US to adore them from all over the place. Lucky people who will have the pleasure of Beulah and her baby! I've said it before (and you can count on my saying it again): THANK YOU, for all you do AND for documenting it for the delight of your worshipful audience.

  23. Congratulations to Beaulah Mae on her impending adoption! I think it is great that someone sees how such a caring kitty mom will make a great companion.



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