Monday, March 3, 2008

What Happens in the Tent, Stays in the Tent


This picture was taken over at Kim's house. Kim fosters bunnies, and this cute little fellow sitting in our friend Sarah's lap is Grumplestiltzkin. Porter is coming out of the tent. That's Kim's cat Tate (or is it Nate, I can never tell) is to the right.

I have no idea what exactly happened in that tent, but Porter is looking a little ashamed.


  1. So Nate and Tate not only tolerate kittens but bunnies too. What good kitties you all have! I think Porter is just a bit embarrassed because he found out it was the Bunnies' Tent and he thought it was the Kittties Tent. Kind of like finding yourself in the wrong gender rest room.

  2. I LOVE the new slideshow! Very awesome, thanks for all the precious peeks into your world!

  3. Porter looks like he found some wacky bunbun weed in the tent and is craving some kitty treats now :)

  4. LOL! Grumplstiltskin!

    Have you guys seen The Disapproving Rabbit blog? I just ordered one of their t-shirts :-)

  5. a link to the wabits!

  6. I'll second Patricia... minute I pulled up the site it was "Ohhhhhh!!!" Good addition, Laurie!

  7. I think Porter is disappointed that there wasn't something exciting in there.

    The rest of the world is so exciting, maybe he is just feeling a let-down?

    What a cutie - and the grown-kitty and bun are beauties too!



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