Monday, March 3, 2008

She's No Saint

naughty charlene
I feel like I paint a pretty rosy picture of Charlene. She is indeed, very sweet to the kittens, but she can also be quite naughty at times. One of her nick-names is " Destructor".

See for yourself... she nearly pulled the drapes down with this maneuver.


  1. LOL!

    Well, of course Ms. Butterbean can be destructive...she's a cat! That is one of the perks of being of the feline persuasion (torturing one's humans).

    I love that you stopped to take a picture of her royal naughtiness before stopping the carnage.


  2. When I bust Sam in the middle of bad behavior, I tell him he gets by on his looks. (He is an extremely handsome devil).

    I suspect Charlene looks up with that adorable face & all is quickly forgotten ;-)

  3. curtains on tension rods. That has saved my terrible twosome from anger. They pull them down, gaze in wild wonder at our fat squirrels all day and mommy comes home and rehangs the curtains. Can't be mad when you come home to two sweet faces squished to the window, watching you.

  4. I'm with Diamond emerald eyes....drapes are for destroying. I must say that, back in the days when our cats seemed fine without their claws and lived long happy lives without them...this was before the memo about pain and suffering, things around my house were in a hell of a lot better condition. Sometimes it's so tempting. (And it's tempting to sign this "Anonymous")

  5. One of the first things my kittens (now cats) did when we brought them home was to pull down the drapes we THOUGHT were firmly screwed into the wall.
    But I guess that's part of what makes feline friends so never know what they'll do next.

  6. LOL! Yes, this is the fate of drapes. Sweet Charlene is only doing what comes naturally.

    When I moved into this home, I decided to go with fabric blinds and valences and skip the aggrivation of shredded/snagged/downed curtains.

    Had to laugh at Anne's comment (it's ok to admit what we all think from time to time, gal!)... I bought leather furniture about 10 years ago, hoping it would curtail furniture destruction. Sadly, now I just have "snagged" leather furniture instead of "snagged" upholstery. *sigh* But my bebes are so worth it!

  7. My former cat had a serious guilt complex as a kitten. She'd get onto the couch and curl up between me and end table, which held a plant she wasn't supposed to play with. After she got done cleaning herself and napping, she'd get bored, stretch, and look around. First, she'd look at me, and notice that i was using my laptop, so no fun there. Then she'd look around, and her gaze would inevitably stop on the plant. She'd stare for a few seconds, and maybe flick her little tail. Then she'd realize what she was thinking, slink down a little, and jerk her head to look at me with frightened eyes, then back to the plant, then me again, and *zoom* off under the bed she went. I didn't do or say anything, and wasn't even looking at her. Luci was just a little fraidycat, unlike her sister, who would sleep. on. plants. Then get annoyed when you kicked her out.

    It sounds like Charlene is a bit more of the incorrigible, instead of the incorruptible.

  8. HAH!

    Everything that exists and is not at cat is either a cat toy, cat bed, cat food, or cat servant. (There are other categories, specifically "pointless things" and "irritating things," but the four groups are the most important.) Clearly drapes fall into the first category.

  9. Sure she is a saint, but every saint has some kind of "weakness" that they struggle(d) with, right?

    Those of the feline persuasion just don't see the point in struggling with it.



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