Sunday, March 2, 2008

Mr P

Porter Washington Mayfield
He also answers to Porterhouse, T-Bone, Medium Rare, Porter Wagner, PW, Sue's Boyfriend, or just plain old Porter ( and of course,, Porkchop).


  1. Oh, he's my favorite, if it's possible to have a favorite. My brother lives in the AZ desert and often raises orphaned kittens inside his shirt till they get going on their own.(I already loved him, but this is one of my favorite things about him). I can tell that I would want to carry Porter in my shirt so he'd know how much he's loved.

  2. Has you seen this???

  3. Wow, it looks like he's gotten fuzzier!

  4. ((((Pork Chop)))
    I kinda liked his first nick name. And I'm absolutely in love with that little grey beard! And I think he's gotten fuzzier, too, Anon.

    Anne - your brother sounds like a true prince! Wish they'd let us do that at work... LOL!

    Wiskers... sure did!! Very cute photshopping!

  5. Did you see those LIPS??? It may just be me, but I just love tiny smooches on kitty lips. Evangeline's too grand for such things but Lilliane LOVES 'em! I say to her "I'm going to suck on your eyeballs!" and then smooch around her face and she puuuurrrsss...(oh oh, did I just admit that right here in public?) I agree, your brother IS a prince. How wonderful it must be to have a warm tiny fuzzy inside one's shirt...

  6. Ooooh - sweet porkchop!

    I think his fur is growing faster than he is!

  7. Oooh... I've got an "A" and Mr. C - I think I need a Mr. P! The epitome of cute!

    He's so adorable! And, yes anne boleyn - your brother sounds like a wonderful guy!

  8. It's such fun to see my funny old cowboy brother lifted up as the softy that he is. Some people in his area call him St. Francis of the Desert ("saint" he is NOT!) and it's not unusual for him to find an abandoned goat or mule or other critter tied in his yard when he comes home. They know where to unload their unwanted critters.
    I'm very jealous that Porter is known as "Sue's Boyfriend". I want him to be my boyfriend even though my Potter would be very hurt by this. I like the idea of Potter and Porter. Potter and Beatrix say they hate the idea.

  9. Oh Porter, Porter, Porter!
    I love ya more than I oughta!



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