Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Sleeper Hold

brotherly love
It's easier to win when you opponent is asleep.


  1. But the opponent isn't going to stay asleep if you keep putting the bitey on him!

  2. You'd better tell Leroy to take his teeth out of my precious little Porter. That "Pork Chop" thing does NOT mean he's for gnawing!

  3. Um... I think that's precious little Porter chewing on Leroy.

  4. yup,, sorry anne, but your precious porter is the instigator.

    you must be blinded by love.


  5. Yep - that's pretty much how it works at our house too. It's always best to get the "leg up" on your opponent by first making sure they are asleep.

    Then, if you still are not sure, walk all over them to go to your sleepy spot. That always makes for fun.

  6. OOps! Rock on little Porter Pie!

  7. LOL! Watching kittens playfight is one of my favorite pastimes! Ours are about 7 months old now, and they still go at it all the time.

  8. My two monsters were play-fighting when they were itty bitty and one (the younger sister Tussie) fell asleep during the fight. Totally threw Mo off for her to doze off on him. I have a cute picture of with a fierce scowl (even in sleep) and him just staring at her, bewildered.

  9. I know JUST how he feels - I have trouble keeping off my kitties when they're asleep too. Well NO I'm not biting them!! {laughing} However, there is considerable smooching accomplished.......

  10. aww!
    does Porter think his brother tastes good?
    that's adorable.

  11. Hey Porter...I'll join you!
    I am always happy to join in a good thnuggle festh...

    ppftfthh --- ack
    sorry mouth full of fur!

    skritches to all!



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