Friday, February 1, 2008

Meet the Doodles.

Here we have Miss Alice.
And this is sweet little Gracie.
Finally,,, Franklin !

A few weeks ago, Sue took in 3 toddlers she affectionately calls "the cheese doodles" (aka Alice, Gracie and Franklin). She brought them over yesterday for a photoshoot. We let them explore for a few minutes to get comfortable, then let Charlene meet them.

Charlene went right up the the babies, sniffed them and said hello. The girls were a caught off guard and they puffed up and hissed, but not Franklin. He LOVED her. Charlene rolled him, and started giving him a serious bath. He purred and purred and enjoyed every single second of it. Oh golly it was cute. I just love how Charlene loves up any kitten that comes her way.

There's been some serious interest in one, if not two of the doodles. As soon as I know for sure who's available, I'll let you know so you can adopt the remaining cheese doodle(s).

Here are a few pics of the Charlene/Franklin love-fest.

Franklin/Charlene love-fest!
Post love-fest cuddle.


  1. Welcome back!

    Welcome to the Cheese Doodles!

    Was Miz Charlene glad to see you? Hows about Drewy? Did either give you the cold shoulder?


  2. Awww! Miss Charlene was on serious mommy duty! :P

  3. Welcome back!

    How did your cats reaction to having you back? Is Charlene, at least, letting you know that she has been patiently waiting for more itty bitties to mother?

  4. Yay new kitties! Charlene has the prettiest face but I was wondering when we'd see some new small ones to ogle.

  5. Charlene really took to Franklin!*g*

  6. {long satisfied sigh} I hope you're rested, refreshed and happy to be home. I hope Drewey and Charlene were short on Rosebud time (see below) and most of all: HUGS all around and thank you for the ::laughing:: cheese doodles!
    *Rosebud time: when we come home both girls pointedly turn their backs to us, tails straight up, flashing us their 'rosebuds'. Only when we get their pinkmouths do we know we're forgiven. (Often producing treats "turns them right around"!)

  7. For a second there, I thought the Doodles were the new IBKC kitties! Oops...

    That said, they're cute, cute, cute! :D and welcome back.

  8. Yay!!!! you're back!!! Glad to see you had lots of kitty fun waiting for you on your return. The doodles are adorable, and Charlene a wonder!

  9. Welcome back! Great photos of the Doodles, very cute indeed.

  10. Oh, I feel whole again! It's been too long, and I know there will be IBKs of Charlenes own soon too.

  11. That's quite a headlock Charlene's using on little Franklin. She's missing her opportunity in pro wrestling!

    Love the Doodles au Fromage!

  12. Soooo cute! They look like they could be related to Roary and Ramona:)

  13. Those little furries are soooo adorable!
    Love the first pic of Franklin with Charlene's white foot still on his side :)



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