Friday, February 1, 2008

The Full Scoop

Yes ! We are indeed back. Thanks to Nicholas and Kim, Charlene and Drewey did just fine. Charlene was a tad cold towards us when we first arrived and didn't even leave her roosting spot on the back of the chair. A few minutes later, we we're forgiven and she was her normal chirpy self. I'm not sure Drewey even noticed we were away. She didn't come to greet us at the door either. We found her sleeping upstairs on our bed. She woke up for a few pets, then snuggled back in and went to sleep.

We had a wonderful time in Australia. It's such a beautiful place. I loved all the crazy flowers, trees, birds and critters. It was such a treat spending time in the sun and by the ocean. We covered a lot of ground while we were there, but it's such a huge country, I know there's plenty more to see whenever we make it back.

So kittens... yes! There will be kittens soon, maybe today even. It's been kind of slow down at the Humane Society in the kitty department. There just aren't a lot of kittens being born right now. We've got dibs on the next batch that comes in. I am SO ready for some IBKs. Kim's going down there this morning, so hopefully she'll find some there waiting for us. Let's hope.

So stay tuned...

Thanks for all of your welcome home wishes.


  1. yay! thank goodness you're back. i've been on serious ibkc withdrawal.

  2. Welcome back! Missed you and the kitties. Australia sounds wonderful, but I'm sure it's good to be back home. Those Cheez Doodles sure are cute -- my husband wants me to head out to your part of the country (I'm in Brooklyn NY) to scoop up if our three cats in a one-bedroom apt aren't enough!

  3. Welcome back! I'm tempted to fly to Seattle (from DC) and scoop up Alice too. She's adorable! But my three boy kitties would hiss up a storm. Can't wait to see the new batch of IBKs!

  4. Welcome back! Can't wait to "meet" the newest batch of kitties!

  5. So glad you had a good trip in Australia. I so enjoyed it myself. Also so happy to see how well Maddie is doing in "BAHston"

    Purry Hugs, Robin

  6. Next time you come to Australia, leave me a comment so you can maybe meet my itty bitty kitties.



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