Saturday, February 2, 2008

Itty Bitty Tortie Committee

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Alicia has been so great about keeping me updated on Maddie. I thought you all would love to hear what she had to say and see some new pictures of our girl. Here's a little teaser photo, but you must venture over to Alicia's flickr page to see the rest. She has the cutest shots of Maddie cuddling ( and spooning even) with her sister (another tortie ! ) Sophie.

Here's what Alicia had to say:

Maddie is still doing great here in Boston. She is always running around playing and purring and snuggling. She is really getting big, you guys wouldn't believe it! Her tail is so long she has to hold it up off the floor when she walks. Sophie's doesn't even reach the floor! She is up to her usual tricks, but she is also adding some new mischievous skills to her repertoire....

Maddie loves to carry things in her mouth from place to place. She recently adopted a nice size cardboard box as her play center and likes to drop things in it for safe keeping. She likes to pick up and spin Tony's (clean) paintbrushes and she also likes to sneak away with bits of human food when we aren't looking. She has very sophisticated tastes, including chicken tikka masala. The other day she grabbed a whole slice of peach out of my bowl and carried it across the house to put in her box.

She is very good at whipping the glasses off our faces to play with. One minute I am reading, the next I can't see and she's off with my glasses. She likes to bat at pens I am using, too. Maddie still likes to climb people and loves to watch me clean the litter box on my back. She'll come running to see that. She also comes running whenever someone opens the front door and tries to sneak out into the hallway to run up and down the stairs. She gets really excited when she hears the door click downstairs because she knows Tony is home from work. She also loves to give kisses and hugs first thing in the morning and is always ready to curl up on my lap for a snooze (she is purring there now).

She and Sophie are starting to get along well. They like to wrestle, although this is usually initiated by Maddie and Sophie usually wins. They are starting to cuddle on the couch more with the heated blanket, and yesterday, for the first time, I saw Sophie give Maddie a little bath. They are on their way to being good friends.


  1. Can't wait to go look at the rest of the pictures, but wanted to say that having Alicia stay in touch is just magic. I think of her and Tony and the girls so often and cannot believe how fortunate we are to have them as friends that I feel as if we actually know personally....and about whom we care deeply. All this is thanks to the IBKC.

  2. Hooray for updates!!! Thanks Laurie & Alicia!

  3. awww, so cute. I'm glad the 'sisters' are hitting it off!

  4. yes, what they said! And may blessings continue on Alicia and Tony - surely Maddie brought that with her to their household as ALL the IBK do to their new homes. Now I'm going over to see the other pictures too.........

  5. Thanks, Alicia, for helping Maddie stay in touch with her many adoring fans! The photos are wonderful and so are the stories!



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