Saturday, January 5, 2008

Bye Bye Butterbean

Craig and I are off to Australia tomorrow. I think Charlene senses something's up. She's been shadowing me for the past three days while I've been hustling about, cleaning house, taking down Christmas decorations, and packing.

Don't you worry, she'll be just fine. Her pal Nicholas will be here taking care of her and Drewey too. Kim will be popping by to say hello as well.

I think she could use a little quiet time too. For a cat, she doesn't sleep much. If there's any sort of excitement going on, she's wants to observe or participate in it. With kitties and holiday chaos behind us now, I think it's time for her to relax.
And I plan to do the same. I may pop in from time to time with a quick post, but please don't expect much for the rest of the month. When we return, and have had a little time to unpack and settle back in, we'll go get us some kitties.

Until then,,,,



  1. Have a lovely relaxing vacation! You do so much for everybody else, you deserve some time away to just do nothing! We will miss you and all your lovely little babies, and will look forward to a whole new batch to love and get to know when you return! Wishing you safe travel!

  2. It's doubtful that many folks will have as many good wishes sending them off as we are sending to you. Have a relaxing and wonderful time. Be safe. And we'll be checking in to see if there's a postcard from you.

  3. have fun in Australia! i'm super jealous. :D

  4. Awww, "anonymous"...they SO deserve this vacashe... Bon Voyage, dearlings! Enjoy every bite of food, sleep like babies, laugh a lot and ENJOY! We *will* peek in now and then, and are deliciously anticipating the next round. (We'll all send devotion and love to Charlene Butterbean in your absence too, just so's you know!)

  5. I hope you guys have fun! (Maddie waves a paw)

  6. Have a great time, and xoxoxoxo to Miss Charlene B.

  7. Have a great trip! I like how Charlene's white chin makes her look so serious.

  8. I'm thinking that we IBK junkies will just have to meet here from time to time to let each other know that the time is passing and it won't be too long before Laurie & Craig are back and our circle is complete again.

  9. Have a fantastic trip!

  10. "IBK junkies?" I prefer the term "frequent visitor."

    Oh, who am I kidding, fine, my name is Ann and I'm an IBK addict.



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