Thursday, December 27, 2007

Queen of the Couch

Now that the kitties have left, former queen of the couch, Drewey, has reclaimed her thrown and is enjoying a little peace and quiet.
Sadly, not for long.


  1. Looks like after your traumatic revelation of her adoption, Charlene Butterbean feels like causing some trouble!

  2. Oh yes! Looks very familiar to me -Evangeline was here first but Lilliane came in swingin'! I've seen That Look on both of them. But they do occasionally trade favorite places, and after eating they swap bowls to lick out that last little morsel. I do hope they can trade off (and my o my, your BIG kitties are both stunners too!) Snorgles to each of them from Evangeline & Lilliane, please - and Happy New Year to both of them (and the lot o' you!)

  3. PS - also....would you please put a sweet little smooch on Drewey's nose, right at the place where the white comes to a point? I smooched the screen but don't know as it got through {{grin}}



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